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She has a lot of trust issues and Luke Hemmings is the reason for them.


3. Chapter 3

Bella's P.O.V

As me and Lis sat in Nando's waiting for our food Lis had the most excited look on her face and it was starting to creep me out.

"Lis, what's up with your face?" I asked as she frowned "What do you mean? oh my god! is there something on my face!" She says as she starts to panic.

"No, no there isn't. I'm just talking about the weird facial expression...I mean it's like the time I brought you that One Direction Movie" I chuckled at the thought, God, she loved those boys.

"Ugh... Why do you always bring that up!?" She sighed "Because it was so funny! The way your face lit up and you bounced around like a little kid on a sugar rush...I mean you held on to the DVD like it was a piece of gold." I say while laughing as her face turned serious.

"Its better than gold. And you like them too!! So shut up!" She yelled earning some glares from other customers.

"Yes I love one direction but I don't talk about them 24/7 and act like they are some sort of Gods- plus i would rather have some gold" i smirked as she slammed her fork down on the table.

"Take that back!" She exclaimed "never" i laughed as she began to pout "fine, i take it back" i laughed as she cheered "anyway, I don't even talk about them tha-" before she could answer our food arrived.

"YES FOOD!" I say while doing a little dance, as my plate was put down in front of me I felt excitement bubble up inside me.

"So you moan about me obsessing over one direction, but you sit there staring at the food like it is the best thing in the world." She said with a little laugh.

"Thats because it IS the best thing in the world!" I said as She rolled her eyes and laughed "It's weird that you love food so much! I have never known anyone to love it as much as you!" She smiled as i shrugged and began to eat.

"I don't love food, I'm in love with food...There's a difference!" I exclaimed shoving a chip in my mouth, She burst in to laughter while I just continue eating; waiting for her to calm down.

"Anyways are you gonna tell me why you were so excited?" I ask remembering back to earlier "Oh yeah, I have some BIG news!" She beamed making me stop eating and look up at her.

"What is it?!" I asked eagerly "Well..." She said smirking evilly as i waited for her to answer, The suspense was killing me!

"LIS JUST TELL ME ALREADY!" I said losing my patients "I GOT US TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION !" She screamed bouncing up and down in her chair.

"WHAT!? OH MY GOD!" I was lost for words ! I have said to Lis many times that I was not an obsessed fan...but I lied, I am! but I tend to keep it to my self.

After we both calmed down we talked about the date of the concert and times...ect. She also told me we have back stage passes! Which I was shocked about! I can't believe we are going to meet them! She told me that she got the tickets out of the money she got for her birthday a couple of months back and got her parents to talk to a man they know that works for the place where the concert will be to get us upgraded to front row tickets!


"I can't believe the show is tomorrow night and you left it for today to tell me!" I sighed as we sat in the kitchen.

"I know I'm sorry but I didn't know if we definitely had the tickets, but my mum told me last night that we did and she is dropping them here tomorrow before the concert" she explained as i nodded.

"It's fine Lis and to be honest I am so excited!!" I squeal "see i knew you loved them!" She yelled as i rolled my eyes "yeah yeah whatever" i smirked throwing a bit of popcorn at her.

*the next night*

Me and Lis spent the whole day getting ready for the concert, we went to the mall to buy some new clothes for tonight and we brought the cutest outfits! I am wearing black skinny jeans with a red crop top and my red converses as my hair was loosely curled.

Lis is wearing a black high waisted skirts with a white crop top and some adorable pumps, her hair was also straighten to perfection.

We are now on the way to the concert in Lis's new convertible...I would tell you what type of car it is but to be honest I don't know, oh yeah did I mention Lis's parents are rich! and I mean RICH!

her parents have provided us with a lot of stuff for out flat which was nice of them! They wanted to buy the flat for us to but we decided that we would buy are own flat as we didn't want them to pay for everything.

We are now jamming out to 'Rock Me' by one direction on the way, singing our loudest and laugh when we did something stupid. I had my feet up, the roof down and my hair was flying about everywhere...this is the life! It was actually a hot day which was surprising for London.

We finally parked the car after driving around for 15 minutes trying to find a space, we turn the music off and turned to each other, I could see the excitement in her eyes and we just both looked at each other and scream in happiness, WE ARE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!

As we were waiting to get in to the O2 (where the concert was) we talk and giggle with others as we got closer.

Random people would talk to us and then a new friendship would be built, that's one thing I love about this concerts! everyone talks to Each other and makes new friends; that's what me and Lis did!

I mean we made so many....there was Leah, Heidi,Rhian,Emily and Courtney and many more! We all made sure to switch numbers before we all got split up.

As me and Lis were talking making are way threw security I felt my shoulder being pushed and heard someone say "Move" from behind me.

I turned just as a blonde hair girl with a dazzling smile pushed past me and lis WTF? We took in her appearance ...she was stunning! It kind of made me feel a bit intimidated and I could tell Lis felt the same.

As we watched her flirt with the security man we found out that her name was lauren and that she was a complete bitch! We also found out that she had backstage passes as well....great- note the tone.

As we got in our seats I looked around at how big this place was, it was huge! And I can't believe that we are sitting front row! I looked to my left and saw that lauren girl with a bunch of her friends, she looked are way and gave us the dirties look...god I hate girls sometimes!

"I hear the opening act are pretty hot and they are a band" Lis said while scrolling through her phone "Oh cool, what's there band name?" I asked wondering if i knew them "Fiv-four.... sauce or something I don't know but I saw a picture of them the other day and they are sexy! One of them is called Muke I think" She exclaimed while I just laughed at her "muke?" "Oh i don't know" she laughed locking her phone and looking at me.

"You think everyone is hot" "No I don't!" she shout causing people around us to look in are direction "Shh Lis! I was joking! Calm down dude" I said as I put a hand over her mouth.

I saw a lot of people crowding around someone a couple sits down from us but I couldn't see who? "Whats going on?" Lis asked as i shrugged and continued to look.

As the crowed slow broke away I saw her, it was Mali-koa, what is she doing here! I haven't seen her in years....the last time I saw her was when I lived back in Australia. The lights started to fade and the introduction film thing they have before a band come on stage Was playing.

However I didn't concentrate on that I was just staring at Mali-koa and wondering what the hell she was doing here. In London.

Then it all started to piece together Mali-koa is Calum's sister and Lis said that one of the band members is called muke which was actually Luke's and Michael ship name, the room started spinning and I can't believe what I just figured out! The band opening for one direction was....'5 SECONDS OF SUMMER' the man announced loudly in a deep voice as the crowed went wild.

NO IT CANT BE! My head started to spin and my vision went blurry the boy who ruin life back in Australia, the boy who I try so hard to get away from and not think of anymore was about to come out on stage! And that boy was.....

Luke Hemmings.

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