Trust Issues || punk luke ||

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She has a lot of trust issues and Luke Hemmings is the reason for them.


1. Chapter 1

It's been a year since i left Australia....and what a year it's been! I spent the first 3-4 months feeling sorry for myself and crying myself to sleep every night but I am starting to pick myself up again!

I am trying to forget about the boy with bright blues eyes, dirty blonde hair and the voice which made you melt when you listen to it but It was so hard to forget about so hard! Its like no matter what i do he is always at the back of my mind haunting me...but I'm sure it will all get easier, right? Anyway this is my fresh start! My ticket to a new happier life...a time to forget my life back in Aussie land.

Lets forget the negatives for the moment and start focusing on the positive...i am now living in London which is amazing!You always have things to do like....seeing Big Ben,the London eye and all the museums but most importantly going SHOPPING! I am not really your typical "girly girl" but I do enjoy a bit of shopping....come on everyone loves shopping! I have just turned 17 and am now living with my best friend Lis, we are both dance teachers which means i love going to work!

I have always loved to dance because it makes me forget about all my problems, it allows me to let go and express all my emotions through my movement, it is also how me and Lis met which I am very grateful for because without her i probably wouldn't be where I am today.

Me and Lis live in an apartment which is not too fancy or too big but is just right for us and we love it! it is also just around the corner from are dance studio which is great! Now you are probably wondering why I left Australia a place which has the sun shining down all day and has crystal blue sea' a place which is freezing cold and rains often.

The reason would be because of Luke Hemmings and the rest of his little crew. These boys are know as 5sos...yeah you may of heard of them....They are a little band that are only famous in Australia(well for the moment anyways) and believe it or not I was best friends with them.

wondering how a girl who doesn't wear a lot of make up, doesn't wear clothes that show a lot of skin and is shy and awkward is friends with the popular boys?.... yeah me to! to be totally honest I don't really know myself?

Maybe it was because my mum was friendly with Luke's mum we all meet and instantly clicked so since then we were all un-separable....Well that was until they changed. Their band became more popular and they were Getting a lot more attention....especially from the bitchy popular girls who wore about 10 pounds Of make-up on their faces and jumped at the chance to sleep with any of the boys.

And that is when it all went wrong.

They forgot about me. I would alway make arrangements with them....and they would never show up. I would go round to watch their band practise but they were all to busy swallowing their girlfriends faces to worry about me.

The popular girls who have only just realised the existents of the boys start to bully me...I never knew why at first? But that was until they started saying things like "stay away from the boys" and "it is obvious they don't like you so why do you still go after them, you're pathetic" and thats when I knew what they wanted.

They wanted me to stop talking to the boys. so when I didn't answer to there commands they started to hit me but i got used to it after a while so it didn't hurt as much. No matter how much they hit me i didn't want to stop seeing the boys...even if they didn't want to see me, they were still my best Friends and they were worth they physical abuse- well i thought.

After months and months of being bullied I snapped.

None of them knew what was going on at home and all the stuff at school with the popular bitches was getting to much. The boys had their ideas about what was going on but they didn't actually know....and to be honest they didn't really care anymore.

So I started cutting....I don't mean once or twice a month-I mean everyday. It wasn't something I was proud of and I would wear big jumpers and long sleeved t-shirts to cover them, Cutting was a release for me and It become apart of my daily routine. I just couldn't hold it in anymore.

There was only a couple of weeks left of school and i wanted to sort this out before we left so I went round Luke's and poured my heart out to Him....I told him everything. I told him about my dad/about my cutting/I told him literally everything.

I was so happy when he said he was going to help me threw everything and the stupid thing is....I believed him.

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