Where we are now

"Almost Is Never Enoughhhhhhh" I sang and Luke was front row. I missed him so much


10. Chapter 5

Ariana's pov:

I woke up on Luke's chest. Damn he is like a fetus cuddly punk rock penguin! I giggled and he woke up. "Ariana what's so funny?" He question "You look like a fetus cuddly punk rock penguin!" I said while laughing and Luke started laughing also and we woke everybody up.

Michaels pov:

"Really guys!" "TRUTH OR DARE!" Screamed Ash and everybody agreed. "Ok Ari truth or dare?" Asked Ash. "Dare!" She squealed. "Ok kiss Michael" she glanced at Luke and he nodded. She sat on my lap and kissed me pationetly. She got up and everybody laughed and I looked down. Damn it boner. "Ok Luke truth or dare?" She asked. "Dare." He said and Ari said "Do seven minutes in heaven with Michael." Everyone laughed but me and Luke. We walked in the closet. We were nervous.

Cliffhanger sorry guys

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