Where we are now

"Almost Is Never Enoughhhhhhh" I sang and Luke was front row. I missed him so much


5. Chapter 4

Luke's pov:

Damn she was gorgeous. "Your even prettier in real life." I said and she blushed saying "Hehe Thanks." "Wanna come in?" I asked and took her hand. "Sure!" She said and I sat her down on the couch. "So Ariana, what music do you like?" "Blink-182, My chemical romance, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and your band of course." She giggled. Her giggle was life af.

"So Kitty Cat, do you sing?" "A little." She said and blushed. I called the boys in here and they all say down. "This is Ariana and she is going to sing for us." "Excuse me! I'm gonna what?" She said and I laughed a little. "Pleassssse Ariana!" I begged with puppy dog eyes. "Aw how could I say no." She said.

Ariana's pov:

I started singing Baby I, another song I thought of and when I finished, they cheered. "ARIANA YOU CAN SING CAN YOU DO WHISTLE TONES!?" Ashton yelled. "Sure." I said and did some whistle tones. "High notes?" Michael asked. I did some really high notes and some low ones. "Wow!" Luke and Calum exclaimed. I giggled and bit my lip. I looked at Luke and our eyes met. He has these amazing blue eyes and blonde hair I just want to run my fingers through.

Luke's pov:

Ariana has the beauty, voice, style, and good taste in food! She is perfect. I'm a 6, she's a 10. I just love her so much like she is goals. The boys followed her and all got her number. Her voice gave me chills and I posted the video on Instagram. She giggled and blushed. "Don't hide that beautiful blush. She blushed even more and I hugged her. "Awww!" Mikey said. "MIKEY SHUT UP!" I said and threw a pillow at him and Ariana fell asleep on my chest and I fell asleep to.

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