Where we are now

"Almost Is Never Enoughhhhhhh" I sang and Luke was front row. I missed him so much


4. Chapter 3

Ariana's pov:

"WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!" I yelled digging threw my closet and found a pair of lavender heels, a tight black crop, and a lavender skirt. "Perfect." I said to myself texting Luke 'On my way💜 see you soon▪️'

Even though he was supposed to pick me up I told him I'm gonna drive myself so I hopped in my car and drove to their house. I knocked and an Asian looking guy answered "Hi I'm supposed to meet Luke? I'm Ariana." "Ah your Ariana Luke always talks about you. LUKE!" He yelled and I blushed. "Hey Kitty Cat." He said while the Asian guy walked off. "Hey." I said as calm as possible.

"Wow your more beautiful in real life😳." Luke said and I blushed. "Hehe thanks." I said awkwardly.

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