Where we are now

"Almost Is Never Enoughhhhhhh" I sang and Luke was front row. I missed him so much


1. Chapter 2

Luke's pov:

"MICHAEL!" I yelled as he took my phone away from me while I was on Twitter. "You always look at this Ariana Grande Butera chicks page." Said Michael. "I want to meet herMichael!" "Ok tweet her then!" "Ok ok" I tweeted 'Hey! I kinda stalk you ik I'm crazy but anyways do you want to meet? @ArianaGrande'

Ariana's pov:

My phone buzzed on the way to class. Someone tweeted me so I checked it. 'Hey! I kinda stalk you ik I'm crazy but anyways do you want to meet? @ArianaGrande' I screamed so loudly that I sounded like I was getting murdered "EEEEKK OMG LUKE HEMMINGS JUST TWEETED ME AND WANTS TO MEET ME!!!!" I immediately tweeted back saying 'Of course! Here is my # (random number) @Luke5SOS' he replied in text 2 seconds later and I deleted that tweet cause I don't need other people texting me.

L: Hey Ariana can you come over to my house tonight? You would have to meet the rest of the boys though is that fine at 8 tonight? Here is my address (random address)

A: Of course that would be wonderful! See you then💜

L: Bye kitty cat😍

Authors note: short short and short I am so sorry but comment ideas on what Ariana and Luke should wear tonight!

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