Sandra Jones Is Dead

After Sandra Jones jumps off a cliff, a town is left reeling. As her family and friends provide pieces of information, secrets are revealed and more questions are asked than answered. What happened?


3. Sandra Jones' Mother Is In Hospital

Sandra Jones. An ordinary name. If you didn't know. But you did know. Sandra Jones was your best friend, and now she is dead. You had grown up with Sandra Jones, played in her garden when you were seven, had sleepovers in your house when you were ten... attended her funeral when you were seventeen, and too young, really, to have lost your best friend. You had been over, after, to deliver your condolences and offer help to her mother. She had accepted.

The first few weeks you had cleaned her house and made sure she ate properly – and kept her company. Then one day you just blurted it out. "She told me she was going to do it. I'm so sorry." And you both cried together. After what felt like an hour, you managed to get the rest of the story out. "She told me but right as she left. She asked me if I wanted to come too... Oh, Mrs Jones, I was just frozen in fear, I'm so sorry." You sobbed out, your words broken by the sheer amount of guilt they held. Then, that evening, you both went to the cliff she had jumped off, and placed some flowers there.

The next morning you had gone over to make her and yourself some breakfast before your first day back at school. It was a big morning for you, since you were the last to go back and not entirely sure you wanted to. She had insisted you go, though. To get into uni. To have a future. "To have what she couldn't." She had said, and that was the calmest you had ever seen her.

You knew she was in since your clock read only 0800. However, the house was quiet. There were pancakes on the table for you, but something seemed off. She wasn't... She didn't seem present, though she had to be. She had to be. You ran upstairs to find her – not in the bathroom, not in the bedroom- oh. She was in Sandra's room, a bottle of pills in her hand that had been half full the night before. You knew it had been half full; you had taken to checking how many pills were left on your way out. You didn't hesitate this time: you called for an ambulance. Within half an hour she was away in the hospital and you...

You didn't go to school that day.

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