Sandra Jones Is Dead

After Sandra Jones jumps off a cliff, a town is left reeling. As her family and friends provide pieces of information, secrets are revealed and more questions are asked than answered. What happened?


9. Placing Yellow Flowers On A Cliffside

She walks up to the cliffside,

Peers over the edge.

Her hand, the one holding the flowers

Trembles, like she’s scared.

A boy with a dog, in the distance

Sees the girl, and fears it will happen again.

The dog, oblivious

Runs up to her, yapping like a mad thing.

So does he.

He runs, shouting,

“Don’t do it! Don’t-”

“Jump?” She asks him, with a small sad smile.

“No. Not today. Not yet.” He

Sighs, the relief evident in his eyes.

“Good. Hey, I know you. Sort of.”


“Want to get a hot chocolate?”

She nods, and places the flowers.

He takes her hand, and

It stops shaking for a while.

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