Sandra Jones Is Dead

After Sandra Jones jumps off a cliff, a town is left reeling. As her family and friends provide pieces of information, secrets are revealed and more questions are asked than answered. What happened?


2. Oh Mrs Jones (I'm So Sorry)

Oh Mrs Jones, I'm so sorry
That you had to hear it from me
I knew she'd snuck out before
But I thought this time she'd have the decency
I lost sight of her after a couple of drinks
And when I saw her last I should have called the police

She said "Hey I'm going to the cliff
Thought I'd end it all with one last fall
Do you wanna come too?"

Oh Mrs Jones, I'm so sorry
I was frozen so completely
I honestly thought she was kidding
And it came as sort of a shock to the system
We all thought that she was happy
I never thought she'd do this

By the way, I'm going to the cliff
Thought I'd plant some flowers in the twilight hour
Do you wanna come too?

Oh Mrs Jones, I'm so sorry
There's so much more I should have done
I just stood there in shock
While Sandra drove off
I thought about calling you
But I found I couldn't move

Hey, I'm living with it too
The guilt about what I didn't do
It's not just you

Hey, I'm just checking in
Your house is quiet but I know you're in
Your car's outside

Oh Mrs Jones, that's a lot of pills
And this time I, I won't stand still
Yes, I've got an emergency
My friend's unconscious
She's taken some pills
Could you send someone please?

Oh Mrs Jones, please wake up
I can't lose you too
It's too soon

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