Sandra Jones Is Dead

After Sandra Jones jumps off a cliff, a town is left reeling. As her family and friends provide pieces of information, secrets are revealed and more questions are asked than answered. What happened?


5. Eulogy

"Sandra Jones was my best friend," She said,
To no one in particular.
"She lit up my world," She tried again,
"No - that's a lie," She sighed. Again.

"Sandra Jones was grumpy a lot,
But I put up with her because
When she wasn't being a cow
She was everything that was right.

"Sandra Jones was my favourite person
And I know a lot of people don't see it
But I- I thought she was wonderful!"
And that was her confession.

"I think I might even have loved her!"
The word tumble out into the empty church
And she, the eulogizer kept blurting
Secrets to those who couldn't have known her.

"Sandra Jones was, to all who knew her,"
A good start. Keep going.
"Rude, sometimes. But loyal, and protective."
Almost blew it. Almost finished.

"Sandra Jones was my best friend," She said
Again, as if that was the end of the matter.

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