hermione's secret friend

Hermione has a secret friends everything will change


2. love

Hermione's POV

I'm awake and take my phone yesterday i changed our date to today but its not gonna work either. "Hello" i hear Ron at the other line. "Hey Ron its not gonna work i forgotten that i have to do something today" i say. "Oh no problem well i will call you if i know another date hoping you don't have to do something that time" he says. "Sure i will" i say and then i hear pansy ringing at the door so i stop calling Ron and run at Pansy. "Ready" she asks. "NEver" i say. "GOod lets go" she sais i roll my eyes. We drive to Draco's house and she goes inside i wait at the door i hear them talk. "Don't hate me for this" i hear Pansy saying. "What do you mean Pansy" i reconize Draco's voice. "Don't freak out when i open this door" she sais. "Okay" i hear BLaise saying. She opens the door i smile. "Hey" I say. "Granger what are you doing her" Draco asks. "Actually it would be nicer if you said Hermione" Pansy sais. "Thanks Panz" i smile. "NO problem 'Mione" she sais. "Panz, Mione whats going on here" Draco yells. We explain everything and Draco invites ous in his house. "So you guys were friends before you was in Hogwarts then you came to Hogwarts and need to hide your friendship" BLaise asks. "YEp" i smile. "Well if Pansy is your friend then we should try it to" Draco sais. "Wow i did not expect to hear it especially not from you Draco" i smile at him. "Yeah well were Pansy's friends and if your her friend you must be cool and stuff" he smiles. "Do you have a moment i have deleted a date for being here twice i will give Ron a suprise call" i say smiling taking my phone. "Hey" i hear Ron puffing at the phone. "Babe everthing fine" i ask. "Honey i did not expect that you would call" he sais. "Yeah thats a suprise call cause i wanted to suprise you" i sai smiling. "Babe who is that on the phone" i hear on the background i reconize Lavenders vioce. "Its her" he sais thinking i can't hear him. "Who" she asks. "Hermione" he sais. "O will you hury" she asks. What is he kissing her the whole day i think but then i hear something that almost let me puke. "Cause me and the bed won't wait long" she sais. "Please don't put your pans back on i will give you a suprise" he says. then he goes back to the thelephone thinkning i didn't hear anything. "I'm gotta go i'm busy" he sais. "Yeah busy with shagging Lavender and stuff we're so over" i cry and put my phone down. I run in crying and hug the first one i can grab. I feel arms around me and it feels so save. I look up and see Draco. "Sorry i need to hold someone" i cry in his shoulder. "Its okay what happened" he asks. "Ron cheated on me with lavender i heard it all he tought i couldn't hear him he slept with her" i cry harder. "Sjjj don't cry 'Mione he isn't whort it" he sais hugging me tightly. "Thanks Draco" i smile. I hear my phone go off i look and see its Ron i want de decline but Draco takes my phone and press accepted. "O 'Mione i'm so glad you picked up is not what you think it is i didn't sleep with her actually i did but it was because she gived me a love potion and..." he sais. "I don't know if you know your at the wrong number but i will tell everyone on school that our ROn is a big cheater" he smiles. "What do you care i cheated on her so what if you tell anyone i will kill you" i yells. "Relax Ron i won't tell her" Draco says. I look weird at him he putted it on speaker so everyone could hear him. "Thanks Malfoy" he sais. "Bye Weasleybee" Draco sais. "Bye Malfoy" ROn says. "Bey weasley" Blaise sais. "Bey Zabini... Zabinin no you can't-" Ron yells but Draco puts the phone down. "Thanks Draco" i smile. "I will get some drinks for a party ar eyou coming Blaise" Pansy sais. "Sure" he answers and they walk away. "Pansy likes BLaise" i smile. "Definatly, But there is something possitive at Ron cheating on you" Draco smiles. "What" i ask confused. "No one can stop me now from doing this he sais pushing me against the wall. "Draco what are you doing" i ask nervously. HE leans in and kisses me

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