hermione's secret friend

Hermione has a secret friends everything will change


1. my friend

Ron's POV

We are all sitting in a compartement ready to go home. "So what are you guys doing in the summer" i ask. "I will annoy you go out with Harry and have some fun with Hermione" my sister smiles. "I will save you by take here on many dates and i finally can move in with Sirius" Harry smiles. "And you 'Mione" i ask. "Sorry what" she asks. She was texting and not paying any atention. "Who your texting babe" i ask. "Mind your own bussiness" she answers. "Sorry" i say pulling back. "NO i'm sorry its just a friend" she smiles. "OKay what are you doing in the summer" i ask. "Just have fun with you and hanging out with some friends. We need to leave we're there" she smiles and runs out the compartement. "Whats op with her" i ask at Ginny. "I don't know but its not because she's your girlfriend you need to know everything about her" she answers. "Fine" i mumble. "Look there are our parents" she runs and i follow. I need to know whats up to her.

Hermione's POV

Its been a week after we left Hogwarts for the summer and this summer i don't wan't to go back soon. "Hermione ther is someone at the door for you" my mother yells and i run downstairs. I open the door. "OMG" i say when i hug her. "Pans what good to see you" i smile at Pansy. "So you know we normally would hang out tomorrow but i need to go to Blaise and Draco" she sais. "O okay" i smile sadly. "So i wanted to ask if you wan't to hang out today" she asks. "I would go on a date with Ron but i see him later now we don't need to keep our friendship as a secret so sure" i smile. "Are you sure if you can't than i will come back later i don't wan't to break your relation" she says. "NO its fine lets go" we walk to the mall. "So i hate to keep our friendship secret" Pansy sais. "I know right but if they know your friends will hate you forever and my friends me" i answer. "But we are longer friends than we are with them and if they are real friends they would accept it do you know what" she asks. "What" i ask knowing i will not like the idea. "Come with me when i go to Blaise an Draco i will enter tell them that they don't need to freak out and then i open the door and we will explain everything" she smiles. "Yeah but... they will never exept... and Draco will be freaking super hard.... and...." i say. "Please do it for me like my birtheday present". "Fine but if we loose our friends is it your fault" i smile. "But we won't looss them even if we do we have eachother we have so much fun always" she smiles. "Thats right well its getting late lets go home" i say and we walk home and i hope i will sleep the whole day tomorrow so i don't need to do this.

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