Supernatural Twins

Two supernatural twins, Cassie and Layla Clearwater, go on a wondrous adventure to find their birth mother. Meeting many new people on the way, and many obstacles, their journey turns into a life long adventure filled with magic and life and death situations.

Cassie Clearwater is played by Selena Gomez
Layla Clearwater is played by Demi Lovato


9. Layla

Layla's POV

I awake to the sound of Isaac's voice in my head. I slightly open my eyes to see Isaac standing over Cassie.

I look at them confused, and reach into my open bag to find a oversized sweatshirt. I pull it over my head, and walk behind him, my sandals being silent on the gravel.

My back hurts from the hard ground, and I must've slept on a rock or something, because my side has a dark red mark.

I stand on my tip toes and glance over Isaac's shoulder, to see dried blood running from Cassie's eye to mouth. I gasp, and Isaac turns towards me, and smiles.

I push past him and grab a tissue from my pockets, and a water bottle. I wet the tissue and wipe the dried blood from her cut.

"That's going to leave a scar!" I giggle. "At least we'll both have one from supernatural experiences!" Cassie says. We both laugh, and Isaac joins in shortly after.

"Ok, so we better get going. If we stay here to long, people are going to get suspicious. But, I don't want to teleport, and I want to walk on foot, because it's not really running away if you teleport to where you want!" I say, and stand from my crouching position.

I look at Isaac and smile. He returns my smile and I go over to where i left my bag. I roll my sleeves up so my hands were visible. I continued packing up the blanket and pillow in my duffel and zip it up when finished.

I place the strap over my shoulders and turn to Isaac and Cassie. I quickly run down the crowded streets of Seattle. I arrive at a skate shop, an old worn sign waving in the wind.

"Mr. Davidson's Skate Shop!" I say excitedly. Opening the doors, I am slapped with the smell of fresh wood, and paint. I look at the shelves, filled with skating books and skateboard, roller blades, ice skates, long board, etc.

I smile, and suddenly hear Isaac and Cassie's voice in my head.

"Where are you?"

"Mr. Davidson's Skate Shop. It's at the corner of Elm and Summer street." I reply, and my eyes catch a gorgeous black and red with white and dark grey wheels skateboard. I gently pick it up and bring it to the front register, and look at the kind, elderly man.

"Excuse me, but I would like to know how much this skateboard is?" I ask him, and he nods, pulling the board out of my hand.

"This is $28.49." The man says. I glance at his name tag. Charlie Davidson.

I smile, and am about to grab my wallet, when my sister and Isaac barge in and walk towards me, panting. I smile, and look at them, wallet in hand.

"Seriously, a 2 minute run to this shop, and you guys are gasping for air?" I ask, laughing.

Isaac nods, and I roll my eyes and giggle. Turning back to the cashier, I whip out a $20 and a $10. I give it to him, and he gives me my change. I place the change in my wallet and turn to Isaac and Cassie, and grab my skateboard.

"Let's go to the Skate Park!" I yell.


A/n: hey guys! So sorry i haven't updated in a while. (Why do I even write these? I act like people care!) So I've had some family business I've had to take care of, and I've haven't had the time to take a chance to write. So again sorry and that's all, soooo, BYE

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