Supernatural Twins

Two supernatural twins, Cassie and Layla Clearwater, go on a wondrous adventure to find their birth mother. Meeting many new people on the way, and many obstacles, their journey turns into a life long adventure filled with magic and life and death situations.

Cassie Clearwater is played by Selena Gomez
Layla Clearwater is played by Demi Lovato


5. Layla

Layla' POV

we have been walking since sunrise. I was really tired and was about to pass out.Taking another sip of the water bottle, I spotted a small gas station with a rest stop. I smiled and looked at Cassie. She looked as if she were about to die right then and there.

I kind of felt bad. Putting her through this. I sighed and nudged her. She looked up, dark circles under her eyes. Guilt filled my eyes as I pointed over to the rest stop.

We had money saved up, each $500.00.

I ran up towards the gas station, it was smelling strongly of gas, sweat, and car exhaust. I almost gagged at the mixture of putrid smells as I waited patiently for Cassie to catch up.

When she finally stood next to me, dragging her bag with her, her free hand shot up towards her nose, covering it and making a gagging noise.

I laughed and gestured for her to follow into the store. We walked in the store, immediately feeling refreshed when the smell of Febreeze and flowers. A sigh of relief washed over me.

I grabbed a twenty out of my bag and a twenty out of hers. I handed her one of the twenties and looked around.

I decided on grabbing a gallon of water, red solo cups, and 4 large bags of Doritos. I also decided to grab a soda a d trash bags.

As I waited at the register for Cassie, she finally returned with a bunch of bananas in her arms and two 2 liters of coca cola. I laughed and gave him the two twenties and all the groceries. "Your total will be..." The clerk said, typing in a few buttons on the register. "...$38.74" he said, smiling at me as I handed him the two twenties.

As he placed the groceries in the bags, he tried to talk with us. "So, you running away?" He asked, glancing at me then Cassie. He looked around our age, maybe a year or two older. And I'll admit, he was attractive. But I knew Better.

"Yep." I said and looked around the store, trying to avoid eye contact. "Trying to find our real mother" Cassie said excitedly, staring straight into his eyes.

I was worried to make eye contact because we had different colored eyes. One eye was a bright blue and another was a dark, stormy grey. That's cause of what we are.

"My name is Charlie O'Connel. I live down the street into the town." He handed me a slip of paper. "I suggest you guys have a phone and money to get a pay phone. Call me if You get in trouble or want me to pick you up from wherever you are." He said and winked at me, before handing us our groceries. I look a him with a confused expression, then shrug it off, grabbing two out of the four bags, as Cassie grabs the rest, along with her duffel bag. I wave goodbye and walk out, Cassie following close behind.

We sit on the curb, eating the Doritos I picked out. We laugh as we share memories we remember of when we were younger. I stop eating and so does Cassie as I put it away and stare at the sunset. The beautiful sunset takes over the sky as the gorgeous mixture of colors bursts in the sky. The pink, the red, the Orange, the flames of color just surrounding the setting sun.

I slowly feel my eyes drift as it gets darker. I yawn and lay my head on Cassie's lap. I yawn once again and slowly drift as I see the last rays of sun come to an end.

Until tomorrow.


A/N: HEY guys! It's Maya and I really have nothing to say right now. I'm honestly really tired because it's 3:00 AM and I have been updating on this story all night and I'm really tired. So, imma put this day to an end and sleep cause my arms are tired and so are my fingers


XX Maya

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