Supernatural Twins

Two supernatural twins, Cassie and Layla Clearwater, go on a wondrous adventure to find their birth mother. Meeting many new people on the way, and many obstacles, their journey turns into a life long adventure filled with magic and life and death situations.

Cassie Clearwater is played by Selena Gomez
Layla Clearwater is played by Demi Lovato


10. Cassie

Cassie's POV

"Let's go to the Skate Park!" Layla yells, and runs out the door, and skates down the hill towards the large half pipe towering over the open iron gates of the park. Isaac and I run over towards it, and see Layla fighting with what seems a 14 year old boy, holding a skateboard, denying her access to the half pipe.

"What's wrong?" Isaac asks, and wraps his arm around Layla's shoulders.

"This jerk is telling me I can't skate!" Layla yells, and places her skateboard under her foot, and rolls it back and forward.

Then, my mind clicks. I turn towards Layla and telepathically speak towards Isaac and Layla.

'Challenge him to a skate off!' I tell them, and I see the smirk appear on Layla's face.

"How about me and you, one-on-one, SKATE OFF!!!!" Layla yells, and gains all the attention of the skaters.

She smirks, and I knew she was going to win this.

-The Next Day-

We arrive at the skate park, and see the boy, who I found out his name was Derik, standing outside the gates, surrounded by at least 20 boys.

"Quick question, why are fire trucks red?" Derik asks, hoping Layla will not have an answer. But, being the smartmouth girl she is, replies with "Because fire trucks are have eight wheels and four people on them, And four plus eight is twelve, and there are twelve inches in a foot, and a foot is a ruler and Queen Elizabeth was a ruler, and QueenElizabeth was also a ship, and the ship sailed the seas, and there are fish in the seas, and in the sea are fish, and fish have fins, and the Finns fought the Russians, and the Russians are red. That's why fire trucks are red!" She says, and smirks at derricks open mouth.

"Close your mouth you'll catch flies!" Layla laughs and heads towards the half pipe.

"Me or you?" Derik asks, and Layla nods and tells him it's her first.

She starts off with simple tricks, like an air, and a backside. She then sees Derek's bored expression and picks it up.

Gaining their attention, she does a 50-50 grind, and a crooked grind, and then a normal grind. She then continues to pick up the pace and does a nollie and a mc twist.

I smile, and Isaac, along with the other boys, stand with their mouths agape. I giggle, and think back to when me and Layla were 12.


I watch Layla skate around the streets with Allen, and laugh as Allen gets pushed off his skateboard. Layla laughs as she does a kick flip and laughs as Allen falls off his board, once again, attempting to do a kick flip. I laugh loudly, and our 5 year old neighbor runs out, his oxygen tank trailing behind him. Layla rushes over, her high top Converse thudding in the cracked pavement. She smiles, and picks him up, and starts laughing as he tries to talk with his mouth full of cookies. I--


I snap out of my thoughts to Layla snapping her fingers in my face. "What, what what!" I yell, and she smiles and sits next to me on the rusted bench. "I won! Derik backed out!" Layla squeals, and I congratulate her.

"Ok, California is our main goal, so we need to start heading there." Layla says, and heads towards the alleyway.

Cali! Seriously! Why???????

This, my friend, is going to be a long trip!


Hey guys! So another chapter! I had this whole thing planned out, and you don't knows what's going to happen!!!! Hahahaha

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