Supernatural Twins

Two supernatural twins, Cassie and Layla Clearwater, go on a wondrous adventure to find their birth mother. Meeting many new people on the way, and many obstacles, their journey turns into a life long adventure filled with magic and life and death situations.

Cassie Clearwater is played by Selena Gomez
Layla Clearwater is played by Demi Lovato


8. Cassie

Cassie's POV

I wake up with a pounding headache. I look around to see Layla curled up next to Isaac.


I sit up, and remove my hand, a red liquid on my hand. I look at it, the reach for my bag, looking for my mirror frantically. I finally find it, and look at my reflection, and gasp when I see a large cut running from my eye to my


I look around and see a shattered beer bottle, the cap covered in blood. I gasp and feel a rush of pain, and lay back, resting my head on the cold hard ground. My Head swarms with memories, and the worst of all, was the first time we discovered our powers.


"Layla! Come here!" I yell as I concentrate on the floating glass bottle, filled to the brim with sparkling water. I hear Layla's voice in my head. "I know! It's so cool! I can talk with you in my mind, I can control people, I can make things float, I can go to places just by thinking about them!" Shocked at this, I drop the glass bottle, smashing it to the ground. I scream as the cap flies towards Layla as she walks in. It digs into her skin, and I feel her pain as I know for sure, that the cap is going to leave a scar on her neck.

|Flashback Over|

I look over at Layla, her neck showing the faint scar. I sigh as I sit up, fighting against the pain surging through my head. I grab my compact mirror out of my bag, and examine the cut. It was purposely made. I inspect the cap, looking closely for any signs of who might've cut me. I use my power to pick it up, not wanting to get fingerprints on it.

Suddenly, I hear footprints behind me. I freeze, dropping the connection and dropping the cap. I hear a voice in my head.

"Sorry, my powers got out of control. I didn't mean to hurt you, princess."


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