Supernatural Twins

Two supernatural twins, Cassie and Layla Clearwater, go on a wondrous adventure to find their birth mother. Meeting many new people on the way, and many obstacles, their journey turns into a life long adventure filled with magic and life and death situations.

Cassie Clearwater is played by Selena Gomez
Layla Clearwater is played by Demi Lovato


6. Cassie

Cassie's POV

I woke up to the sound of cars whizzing past and the sun glaring into my eyes. My brown hair covers my face and I look down next to me and see my sister still fast asleep.

I always wake up before Layla. All of a sudden, my duffel bag starts floating. I panic and wake my sister up. Just as she sits up my duffel bag falls and lands on her head.

A voice rings in my head. "Help me! I'm being chased and I ran away from home and I'm scared!" The voice said.

"What was that for?" Layla asks, frustrated and running her head. "Sorry, but I think I found another one of us!" I squeal and she looks at me, tired and confused.

I groan and roll my eyes. "I just heard a voice, saying that he/she ran away from home and is scared. Saying their being chased and need help." I explain.

Layla's confused expression turns to excitement. "Well, what are you waiting for! Answer him!" She squeals and I concentrate my energy.

"Where are you? And what's your name?" I ask him, seeing that Layla is listening to the conversation immediately I get a response. "Isaac Newton" he says, fright clear in his voice. "And I'm in Seattle, Washington" he says.

I see Layla look at me, worry clear in her voice. "Ok, we'll be there" I say and stop my energy, looking over at Layla packing. Her stuff.

"Where are we going?" I ask, confusion clear in my voice. "Not we, you." She says, starting to walk towards the road, not even looking back towards me.

"What are you talking about? Are we going to go get Isaac together, or are we not going?" I ask, clearly confused.

"You can go, not me!" She yells, tears starting to form in her eyes. I look at her, taken aback by her sudden outburst. "Can you please come? I'll be scared, and what if it's a hoax?" I ask her. I decide to take this to the next level and add a lip quiver and puppy eyes.

She groans and throws her head back, dragging out a sigh. "Fine, only because I love you and your all I have left." She says, walking over to me and giving me a hug. I smile and hug back, a tear sliding Down my cheek that I quickly wipe away. Layla pulls away and looks me in the eye. "Now let's go to SEATTLE!!" She screams, laughing.

I giggle and hold her hand, running and teleporting to Seattle Washington.

________________________________________A/N: hey guys! Short chapter I know but I really wanted to update and I'm in the car waiting for my mother and I just somehow had a lot of trouble for this.

I think I'm getting writers block 😢


XX Maya

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