Guy like him

Adeline is depressed has a low self-esteem and bit self-destructive teenager when she gets into College she picked she finds her self in middle of strangers and the cutie named Nolan had eyes on her but she has no clue.


1. awkward me



Me social? hahah. nope. it's second day of college and i still don't know anybody while everyone else in my courses have become a best friends in one day. i'm always early. well that's because i don't sleep so well and i'm always up early. i walked into class room first, surprise,surprise.i take my seat back of the class not wanting to be in spot light or middle of others. the room quickly fills up with others. i had noticed that in my classes are like thirty girls and seven boys. as the voice of guys comes into room everyone stops talking and starts looking them curiously as they walk in. i bet it's nice to them to be in class what is full of drooling girls. one of them send a flirting look and smiles like he is in a television or somewhere. he has  blonde hair and blue eyes he's good looking but not my type though. other one behind him has brown eyes and green eyes i think girls drool for him at most than his smirking friend. i admit to my self that the brunet one is cute but like he is gonna see me anyway i'm used to that good-looking guys looks through me with cold look like i am not there at all. but i felt the cold shiver run down my spine as they walk closer and his eyes met mine i quickly look away because i hate the cold eye contact what guys gives to me. when i turn my head slowly being sure he's not looking at me anymore i froze as i find his eyes still staring into mine. "i know i am ugly! no need to stare." i yelled to my self inside my head. i shake my head lightly and look to my notebook. he sits near to me i can smell  his cologne. i fell like passing out. not that its so horrible. it's so delicious. professor walks in and soon she starts to lecture and i am trying to write everything important  up. i feel my mouth  go dry as i notice that the brunet guy is staring at me then and there while i write it starts to almost irritate me. i know i am not so pretty but i'm not that ugly that you have to stare at me like every two seconds. when the class finally ends i rush outside to catch a breath.its lunch break. i feel stressed and take my cigarette  packet from my pocket and feel bit better as i breath the poison out of my lungs. my eyes met his again as he walks into park with his group  i see his eyes wide a little. i feel uncomfortable as i feel his eyes on me. what the hell is his problem. it feels like bullying. next week goes as same i can feel his eyes on me where ever i see him. am i going a crazy i think i am imagining things. maybe he isn't staring at me maybe i just wish he was. after a irritating long day i stop by a near coffee shop and as i turn around holding the coffee i see him again. he stands few feet away from me. "can you please stop staring." i found my  self snap. crap. me and my big mouth. he raises his eye brows. "what?" he asks. even his voice is beautiful. "sorry, i just.. um." he says as i see the pink color on his cheeks. is he blushing? why did i have to say anything. i quickly run away. i am so awkward. how can i go to college tomorrow i bet he's gonna make fun of me. 

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