Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


98. Chapter 99

* Next day*

Sierra pov: today Sam and i had to go to the kids school for parent teacher conference we left the kids in Sam's parents house while we went. 

* at the school* 

Ms. Shays: hello Mr and Mrs. Craske

Sierra: hi *smiles* 

Ms. Shays: i figure you are here for Aria, Azari and Skylar

Sam: yes we are

Ms. Shays: ok well lets start with Skylar, she is doing extremely good, she is very smart for her age, i can tell she loves to learn

Sam: yea she was always the first one out of the three to try something new and learn something

Ms. Shays: well i can already see her being very successful and very well educated 

Sierra: thank you 

Ms. Shays: Azari is the same, but there is times where he would become unfocused and distracted but he always comes back focused and he is very hardworking.

Sierra: yea he has always been like that. 

Ms. Shays: now Aria on the other hand, she hasn't been doing so good. Aria is smart we can all tell, but she would misbehave and put others down sometimes. 

Sam: well we never taught her any of those things. We always taught her to be nice and respectful 

Ms. Shays: she has been on yellow 6 times these past two weeks

Sierra: don't worry Ms. Shays we will talk to her about that.

After our conference we went to Sam's parents house.

Sierra: hey guys *smiles* 

Jenny: hey how was it

Sam: *sighs* 

Paul: uh oh what happened

Sam: *looks at Sierra* want me to talk to her or you 

Sierra: all you 

Paul: what happened at the conference

Sam: Ms. Shays was telling us how good Skylar and Azari were doing 

Jenny: ooh thats good 

Sam: and she told us that Aria has been misbehaving and has been disrespecting her classmates *looks at Aria* 

Jenny: no Aria doesn't misbehave 

Sam: mum please, the teacher told us that she has been on yellow six times these past two weeks

Jenny: the teacher is lying, i know my granddaughter and she is very respectful 

Sierra: Jenny Aria has been acting up for a while now 

Jenny: you guys are lying no she hasn't 

Sam: mum, Aria look at me 

Aria: *looks at Sam* 

Sam: why have you been misbehaving in school

Aria: *silent* 

Sam: Marie answer me

Aria: i don't know

Sam: you do know and i want an answer now *sternly*

Jenny: Sam stop it

Sam: mum stay out of it

Jenny: no you guys are interrogating her

Sam: we are not interrogating her, i want an answer from my daughter on why she is misbehaving in school. 

Aria: why do i have to go school, you and mummy didn't go to school

Sam: Aria mummy did go to school, she finished early, i went to school, i didn't finish because i was doing bad things, things that i don't want you, your sister, or you brothers doing, things i'm trying to keep away from you guys and mum.

Aria: i don't want to go to school 

Sam: its not what you want, you are going to school, so you can have everything mummy and i didn't have. 

Aria: no i'm not going anymore

Sam: Aria Marie don't talk back to me, you are going to school and that is final, now get your things we are going home

Aria: *shouts* NO!!! 

Paul: *shouts* ARIA don't talk to your father like that, go get your things right now

Aria: *goes and gets her things* 

Sierra: let's go 

We all got in the car and went home.

* At home*

Sam: kids go to your rooms so mummy and i can talk 

the kids go upstairs and left me and Sam to talk

Zaiden: *cries* 

Sierra: *gives Sam a bottle* 

Sam: what are we gonna do about Aria *feeds Zaiden* 

Sierra: i don't know 

Sam: *sighs*

Sierra: we have to do something Sam we can't have her going out disrespecting people she's three years old

Sam: i know 

Sierra: we have to start being tough on her 

Sam: yea i know 

Sam finished feeding and burped Zaiden. We went up stairs and put him in his crib, we then went to Aria's room to talk to her.

Aria: *Sitting in her rocking chair* 

Sam: *sits on her bed next to her chair* Marie * turns her around to face him* 

Aria: yes daddy 

Sam: why are you misbehaving in school 

Aria: i don't want to be in school daddy

Sam: sweet heart you have to

Aria: why 

Sam: don't you wanna be smart

Aria: yea 

Sam: how are you gonna be smart if you don't go to school. Aria mummy and i want the best for you, you need to stop misbehaving in school and here at home. If not i'm gonna take away all your toys and i'm not gonna get you anymore

Aria: ok

Sam: ok *gets up and leaves*



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