Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


97. Chapter 98

Sierra pov: today i took the kids to school, while Sam was at his parents house, i had Zaiden in his bouncer in the kitchen with me while i was eating. When Eleanor came in with Louis

Sierra: oh hey guys *hugs Louis and Eleanor* 

Eleanor: oh he is getting so big *looks at Zaiden* 

Sierra: i know *smiles*

Louis: how old is he

Sierra: 3 days old 

We continued talking when Sam came in 

Sam: oh hey El *hugs Eleanor* hey man *gives Louis a bro five* 

Sierra: hey babe 

Sam: *smiles and kisses Sierra* hi beautiful *looks at Zaiden* oh mum made this for you, she said you've been asking for it *lifts up a bag with food in it* 

Sierra: i have, i haven't had your mum's cooking in so long

Sam: *chuckles*

We talked to Louis and Eleanor for a bit until they had to leave, after Sam went to pick up the kids. 

Sam: come kids inside

The kids came in the kitchen with Sam

Sierra: how was school guys

Azari: mommy tomorrow we're having bring your parent to school day

Sierra: cool, you should have daddy go

Sam: why me

Sierra: you go and talk about your job, dancing and touring 

Azari: can you come daddy 

Sam: sure buddy 

Azari: daddy when can i learn how to dance like you 

Sam: when you're older, ok i'll take you to the studio and i'll teach you

Azari: can i be a part of Diversity too

Sam: *chuckles* you will when daddy gets to old and can't dance anymore or even if uncle terry gets to old and can't dance anymore

Azari: will i be able to dance with uncle Mitch 

Sam: yea bud you'll be able to dance with all the boys

Azari: *smiles* I wanna be a dancer just like you daddy

Sam: thats my boy *smiles* Skylar do you wanna be a dancer like daddy too

Skylar: no i wanna be like mommy 

Sam: what *shocked* Skylar Analia Craske you don't wanna be a dancer like your daddy 

Skylar: *laughs* i wanna make clothes daddy 

Sam: oh you wanna be like aunt Danny and Nonna huh

Skylar: yea

Sam: that's good, that's how you can make clothes for your brother when he becomes a member of Diversity. 


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