Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


93. Chapter 94

* 1 hour later* 

Sierra pov: i woke up really sore i turned my head to see Sam next to me. 

Sierra: Sam 

Sam: *looks up at Sierra and smiles* hey baby 

Sierra: hi 

Sam: you did it babe Zaiden's here

Sierra: really 

Sam: yea i went to see him like 15 mins ago babe he's beautiful 

Sierra: *smiles* 

Sam: wanna know something else 

Sierra: what 

Sam: he has blue eyes 

Sierra: really 

Sam: yea 

Blue eyes run in mine and Sam's family, of course out of all the Craske Siblings Sam's sister Ellie was the only girl with blue eyes. Out of my siblings my sister was born with blue eyes. Surprisingly none of our kids came out with blue eyes except for Zaiden. Aria was born with Brown eyes, Skylar was born with Hazel eyes and Azari was born with Green eyes.

Sierra: i wanna go home

Sam: i know you do sweetheart, but you have to get better first 

Sierra: do you know how he's doing

Sam: yea the doctor said he's doing fine

Sierra: ok

Sam and i talked a bit before the nurses came and asked me if i wanted to see Zaiden. When we got to the NICU i seen him lying in his bed with tubes in and out of his mouth and body.

Sierra: he's so small 

Nurse: don't worry Mrs. Craske he is healthy, he's feeding well and he's breathing pretty good, we just want him to gain some weight and get strong enough for him to go home

Sierra: thank you

I looked up at Sam to see him looking to into Zaiden's bed, watching his small little body take small breaths.

After seeing Zaiden the nurses took me back to my room.


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