Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


89. Chapter 90

* 3 1/2 weeks later*

Sierra pov: its been almost 4 weeks after i got the shot to help Sam and i have a baby. I've been sick the past few days after getting the shot, but finally i was back at the doctors to see if the shot worked, Sam's mom was coming with me today since Sam was staying home with the kids.

* at the doctors* 

Nurse: Sierra Craske

Jenny and i get up and follow the nurse into the room where the doctor was waiting

Dr: hello Sierra 

Sierra: hi 

Dr: well lets see if you're pregnant  * puts the gel on Sierra's stomach* 

Sierra: so am i pregnant

Dr: you certainly are congrats *smiles* 

Sierra: *smiles* really 

Dr: yes you are actually 12 weeks 

Sierra: what *shocked*

Dr: it seems like you were pregnant all this time 

Sierra: what about the shot

Dr: well if you were pregnant the shot wares off before it can get to your ovaries

Sierra: oh ok thank you so much Dr

Dr: no probelm *smiles and leaves*

Sierra: oh my gosh i can't believe i'm pregnant 

Jenny: *smiles* another grand baby i'm so happy *hugs Sierra* 

Jenny and i leave and she drops me off at the house.

Sierra: Sam *runs through the house*

Sam: yea woah *appears at the door*

Sierra: guess what *excitedly*

Sam: what 

Sierra: *holds up ultrasound* 

Sam: *gasp* no 

Sierra: yes

Sam: you're pregnant *smiles*

Sierra: yes 

Sam: *hugs and kisses Sierra* 

I can't believe that Sam and i were actually going to have another baby

Sam: we gotta tell the kids

Sierra: yea i know 

Sam: come on *walks upstairs to the kids*

We walk into the twins room and have the kids sit down

Sam: ok guys we have some news for you 

Aria: what is it daddy

Sam: you're gonna have another brother or sister 

Skylar and Azari: really *excited*

Sam: yea

Sierra: Aria aren't you happy 

Aria: yea *smiles* 

Azari: mummy are you having a boy or a girl

Sierra: i don't know yet

Skylar: mummy where is the baby 

Sam: its in mummy's belly

Azari: you ate the baby 

Sam: *laughs* 

Sierra: Sam, no honey i didn't eat the baby


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