Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


86. Chapter 87

Sierra pov: Its been a week since Sam and i bought a new house, we already moved in and we are having a house warming party, we invited all our friends over, the kids are away on a little trip with my family so we have this huge house to ourselves. 


Jordan: this house is huge 

Sam: i know but Sierra and i wanted something big like this for the kids to have room to run around 

Ash: what happened to your old house

Sam: oh Mitch is taking that one, its big enough for him, Kim and the twins.

Ash: this is a nice place though 

Sam: thanks

Sierra: *walks over* now that you guys are finished talking would you guys like to see your rooms 

Jordan: we have our own rooms 

Sam: yea you didn't think we'd buy a new house and not have a DV room 

We showed the boys their rooms and around the house

Jordan: i know where i'll be staying at now *laughs* 

Sam: *smiles* just don't come drunk or with a girl cause remember i got kids now

Ash: speaking of kids, when are we going to have another baby 

Sam: i don't know 

Jordan: have you and Sierra talked about it 

Sam: we have we decided to wait a year before we have another one because we are unsure if we want one or not.

Ash: i think you guys should have another 

Sam: really 

Ash: yea i mean Aria is 2 she's gonna be 3, the twins are gonna be 2, they're gonna want a baby 

Sam: yea i know

Ash: and plus we miss having a little baby in the group, and i can see that you want another baby

Sam: i do want another one, but i just don't want to leave Sierra by herself with 3 toddlers and a newborn and a puppy to take care of

Jordan: wait a puppy 

Sam: yea we're getting a puppy

Ash: talk to her about it mate, we have a year break so you got enough time to help raise another one. 

Sam: *smiles and looks at Sierra* 

Jordan: you love her don't you

Sam: with all my heart, i don't even think its possible to love someone much as much as i love her

Jordan: *smiles* its possible

Sam: *smiles* 


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