Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


85. Chapter 86

Sierra pov: Sam and I were in the car going to see some houses that we can get for our kids to have room. We arrived at the first house and our realtor Jenna was there waiting for us. We got out the car and walked up to Jenna.

Jenna: hello Sierra and Sam *smiles*

Sierra: hi Jenna its been a while 

Jenna: i know, so you guys have little ones now right

Sam: yes we have three *smiles* 

Jenna: aww boys or girls

Sam: two girls one boy 

Jenna: aww congrats guys

Sierra: thanks 

Jenna: well i understand that you guys want a bigger house so your little ones can run around and have space, so this first house is beautiful, its on a 200 acre land, it has 8 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, a large kitchen, a large living room, and plenty space if you do plan on having any more little ones *walks inside with Sam and Sierra* 

we walk in and see the most beautiful house ever. It was so huge on the inside.

Sierra: wow 

Sam: you like it

Sierra: i love it 

We walk around the house and look around it and it was amazing, Jenna then took us to the master bedroom. 

Sierra: is this a walk in closet 

Jenna: yup 

Sierra: oh my gosh Sam i want it 

Sam: *chuckles* babe you haven't finished seeing the rest of the house

Sierra: Sam i want it you know i always wanted a walk in closet 

Sam: i know that sweetheart but how about we finish looking around the house and if you still want the house or the walk in closet we'll get it ok 

Sierra: ok 

We finish walking around the house. We stopped at the backyard and Jenna left us to talk.

Sam: so what do you think of the house

Sierra: i love it 

Sam: babe seriously i know you like it because of the walk in closet 

Sierra: no Sam i'm serious i think its perfect theres enough room for us and the kids.

Sam: yea i like it too, but um i was thinking about something

Sierra: whats that 

Sam: i think its time to get a pet 

Sierra: really

Sam: yea so you and the kids won't be bored or by yourselves

Sierra: ok so what should we get 

Sam: how about a dog 

Sierra: aww yea a puppy though

Sam: ok looks like we're buying a house and getting a dog

Sierra: yea

Sam: *kisses Sierra* 


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