Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


82. Chapter 83

* 2 days later*

Sierra pov: its been 2 days since i went to the studio and spoke to Sam, I was extremely happy because he was coming home today, we still got problems to work out for our marriage.

I got out the shower and got dressed, i walked downstairs when i heard the door bell.

Sierra: *opens door to see Sam* oh hey

Sam: hi 

i let him in and we walk to the kitchen to talk

Sam: how you've been 

Sierra: i've been ok , how about you

Sam: i've been alright, but thats not what i came here for

Sierra: i thought you was coming home 

Sam: *sighs* i was but then i got to thinking i don't think i should 

Sierra: why 

Sam: because we still got things to work through, if we want us to work out then we need to figure out a way to fix our marriage 

Sierra: you want to fix our marriage, Sam we could've fixed it a month ago but instead you walked out on me

Sam: i walked out, because i was angry at what you did, Sierra you hurt me 

Sierra: Sam i'm sorry i hurt you, you think i did it on purpose, well i didn't i was drunk, it was a mistake, Sam i love you i married you for crying out loud. 

Sam: Sierra i know that 

Sierra: come home and bring the kids i want to be a family again

Sam: *sighs* 

Sierra: please Sam i'm sorry for what i did, i love you  *sighs and gets up* 

Sam: you got a tattoo 

Sierra: yea 

Sam: what does the capital S stand for

Sierra: you, since you took you ring off, i thought we were over for good, so i took mine off but i got you initials on my ring finger to show what you mean to me 

Sam: *gets up and kisses Sierra* i love you so much, i'm sorry for freaking out, i forgive you 

Sierra: really

Sam: yes i'm gonna go get the kids and my stuff and i'll come back 

Sierra: *kisses Sam*

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