Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


81. Chapter 82

* 1 month later* 

Sierra pov: its been 1 month since Sam and i broke up, today Ellie dragged me to the studio since she was gonna be dancing, It was gonna be weird since i haven't seen Sam at all, I have seen the kids everyday, they are upset that Sam and i aren't together. Ellie and i arrived at the studio, I have changed a bit i dyed my hair brown and added blonde tips. I decided to treat myself with that, i also got two tattoos one on my left ring finger of a capital *S* for Sam's name and on my wrist i have an infinity Sign. Ellie and i arrived at the studio and walked in all the boys were standing around shirtless rehearsing

Ellie: hey boys

boys: hey Ellie *shocked to see Sierra* 

Jordan: hey Sierra good to see you *hugs Sierra* 

Sierra: hey Jordan *hugs Sierra* 

I say hi to all the boys except Sam and Mitch

Ellie: hope you guys don't mind i brought Sierra here, i don't want her by herself

Ash: no its fine, lets get you started yea

While Ellie and Ash were rehearsing Jordan comes up to me

Jordan: hey short stuff 

Sierra: hi 

Jordan: how you been *sits down next to Sierra* 

Sierra: i've been alright

Jordan: you're such a bad liar *laughs* 

Sierra: i'm not lying

Jordan: yes you are Sierra i known you for 6 years, i know when you're hurting, so tell me 

Sierra: *sighs* i've been a mess 

Jordan: i know you have Ellie has been telling us 

Sierra: Jordan what do i do, i want him back so much *tears up* 

Jordan: hey hey no no come on *grabs Sierra's hand and takes her upstairs* 

Jordan: look Sam hasn't been himself either, you guys need to sit down and talk about this

Sierra: he doesn't want to talk to me

Jordan: i can make him, he's going to talk to you right now *stands up* 

Sierra: Jordan no, he's not going to talk to me

Jordan: Sierra he is going to look at you you're heart broken and i can't stand to see you like this... SAM!!! 

Sam: *runs upstairs * yea 

Jordan: sit down and talk to Sierra

Sam: *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: *wipes her face* 

Sam: *sighs*

Jordan: Now Sam

Sam: *sits down next to Sierra* Sierra look at me

Sierra: *looks at Sam* 

Sam: listen i'm sorry about the way i reacted about you and Kim, i was just upset 

Sierra: *nods* 

Sam: i'm still upset about it

Sierra: Sam i'm sorry *cries again* 

Sam: *sighs* stop crying please 

Sierra: i can't you don't want to be with me, Sam i miss you 

Sam: you don't think think i miss you

Sierra: you don't 

Sam: Sierra i miss you so much, i think about you every second of every day

Sierra: *wipes her face* 

Sam: come here *stands up and hugs Sierra* 

Sam: *pulls away and kisses Sierra* i still love you 

Sierra: come home please 

Sam: *sighs* i can't right now but i will soon 

Sierra: why can't you

Sam: i'm still upset at you 

Sierra: Sam please

Sam: *sighs and nods* ok 

Sierra: *kisses Sam again* 

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