Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


79. Chapter 80

* last day of the girls vacation* 

Sierra pov: Today was the last day of our vacation, last night we went out to a club, Kim and i got super drunk and we had happened to make out and ended up in the same bed. Kim and i feel extremely nervous because we would have to go back to Sam and Mitch and we are gonna have to tell them. 

*at Sam and Sierra's house* 

Sam: babe you're back *hugs Sierra* 

Sierra: hey *fake smiles* 

Sam: how was it

Sierra: it was fun 

Sam: you alright *worried* 

Sierra; yea i'm just tired from the plane ride

Sam: well babe go to the bed and lie down i'll be up in a minute i have to make Azari a bottle

i walk upstairs into mine and Sam's room and put my bags in the closet, i felt so guilty for not telling him right away but i would have to find a perfect way of telling him.

*in the kitchen* 

Sam and i were in the kitchen talking when Kim and Mitch walked in

Sierra: Kim what are you guys doing here

Kim: Sierra i'm sorry i can't hide this anymore we have to tell them

Sam: tell us what

Sierra: Kim no i was gonna tell Sam soon 

Sam: tell me what Sierra

Kim: Sierra we have to, Mitch sit down

Mitch: *sits down at the island* 

Kim: *sighs* ok um when me and Sierra were away we went to a club with Ellie and Star, we ended up getting super drunk and we started making out and we ended up in the same bed

Sam and Mitch: WHAT!!!

Sam: Sierra is that true 

Sierra: *sighs* yea 

Sam: *puts his head down* 

Sierra: baby it was a mistake i swear *grabs his hand* 

Sam: *pulls his hand away* don't touch me

Mitch: *stands up* Kim lets go *angrily*

Kim: Mitch


Kim and Mitch leave

Sierra: Sam please forgive me *starts crying* 

Sam: don't talk to me, just leave me alone right now

Sierra: Sam please i'm sorry 

Sam: you're sorry, well that solves everything, Sierra you cheated on me with Kim, and all you have to say is you're sorry. 

Sierra: Sam *crying* 

Sam: just leave me alone *walks upstairs* 

Sierra: *sits down and cries* 

I couldn't believe that i had just probably ruined my marriage just because of one drunken mistake.

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