Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


76. Chapter 77

* 1 year later* 

Sierra pov: its been a year since Kim and Mitchell had their twins, Mitchell has been an incredible father, watching him with his kids, he looks so happy, we just celebrated their 1 st birthday, and can i say my twins and Kim's twin are pretty close, Skylar and Moroccan are "dating" from which they say and so are Monroe and Azari. Sam and i have been doing so good, our kids are growing so fast Aria is now 3 and is more and more like Sam, Skylar and Azari are now 2 and are crazy just like their father. I am finally 21 and i'm extremely excited because i am now officially an adult. My family is amazing and so is Kim's. This year has been crazy. 

Sierra: Sam remember when um 2 weeks ago on our anniversary we um you know

Sam: yea *smirks* 

Sierra: well um you know how i have been sick these past two weeks too

Sam: uh yea 

Sierra: Sam i might be pregnant 

Sam: what, no, hey hell no, Sierra we're not raising another one

Sierra: well we will find out in about 5 mins *goes to the bathroom*

* 5 mins later* 

Sierra: Sam *walks into the kitchen*

Sam: yea *looks at Sierra*

Sierra: *hold up pregnancy test* i'm pregnant

Sam: * coughs* how do you know i'm the...

Sierra: i'll punch you 

Sam: ughh ok Sierra you're pregnant lets talk about can you do this to us *whines* 

Sierra: it takes two people to make a baby

Sam: you tricked me 

Sierra: how

Sam: you can't resist my body, you were all on me before that night, dropping hints and everything you wanted this * smirks* 

Sierra: Sam shut up 

Sam: admit it you tricked me 

Sierra: ughh Sam, you're so stupid *walks away* 

Sam: *laughs* 

Mitch and Kim: *walk in* 

Kim: hey 

Sam: whats up 

Mitch: nothing much 

Sam: wheres the twins

Kim: in the living room playing with your twins

Mitch: Roc and Roe come say hi to uncle Sam

Moroccan and Monroe run in the kitchen

Sam: hey theres my rockstars *hugs and kiss the twins* 

After 5 mins of playing Monroe runs to the kitchen crying

Mitch: *gets up* oh baby whats wrong *picks her up and places her on top of the island*

Monroe: *lifts her leg up* boo boo

Mitch: Sam do you have a first aid kit

Sam: yea *gets out the first aid kit and passes it to Mitch*

Mitch: *grabs a spray* ok baby this is gonna sting a bit 

Monroe: no daddy 

Mitch: sweetheart if you want the boo boo to get better you have to let me clean it 

Kim: you want mommy to do it while daddy holds you 

Monroe: *nods* 

Mitch: * sits down and places Monroe on his lap* ok baby daddy got you

Kim: *sprays Monroe's knee* 

Monroe: owww 

Mitch: its ok baby almost done

Kim: *puts a bandaid on Monroe's knee*

Mitch: all done

Monroe: kiss it daddy 

Mitch: *kisses Monroe's knee* all better *puts Monroe down* Moroccan watch your sister

Sam: that was so cute, look at you being all daddy, i'm proud of you bro

Mitch: thanks *smiles* 

Kim: where's Sierra

Sam: upstairs she's mad at me

Mitch: *laughs* what did you do

Sam: we just found out that she's pregnant again

Kim: really 

Sam: yea i made a joke about it and she got mad 

Kim: of course only you 

Sam: it was a joke and she got mad

Mitch: well you got another one on the way

Sam: listen we both agreed that we weren't going to have anymore. i don't want to raise another kid, i'm already raising three 

Kim: so what Sierra was doing most of it while you were on tour 

Sam: Kim 

Kim: you're gonna help Sierra raise that baby

Sierra; *walks into the kitchen* hey Kim and Mitch

Mitch: hey sis

Sam: babe 

Sierra: *ignores Sam and grabs a water bottle* 

Sam: Sierra 

Sierra:  *leaves* 

Mitch: oh she's really mad at you *chuckles* 

Sam: i'm gonna be in the dog house for a couple days *smirks* 


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