Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


73. Chapter 74

* 6 months later* 

Sierra pov: today Sam and i were throwing Kim and Mitchell a baby shower, we found out that they were having twins. Mitchell is beyond happy after going to the first doctor's appointment with Kim. We are having a gender reveal baby shower. 

Sierra: you guys ready to cut the cakes 

Kim: *nods* 

Sierra: ok go ahead 

Kim and Mitch cut the first cake and it was blue 

Sierra: you're having a boy *cheers* 

Mitch: yess!!!! Jordan you owe me 20 bucks 

Kim: you had a bet on our kids 

Mitch: only to see the gender relax shh *kisses her cheek* 

Sierra: ok next one

Kim and Mitch cut the next cake and it was pink 

Sierra: you're having a girl too *cheers* 

Mitch: *smiles* we're having a girl too *kisses Kim* 

After the cakes we all sat down and hung out a bit.

Ash: do you guys got names yet

Mitch: yea 

Sam: what is it 

Kim: we're naming the boy Moroccan Samuel Craske 

Sam: you're naming the boy after me

Kim: yea only fair 

Mitch: we're naming the girl Monroe Ellie Craske

Sierra: those are nice names

Kim: wait to you hear the nicknames 

Sam: whats the nicknames

Kim and Mitch: Roc and Roe

Sierra: aww those are so cute

Sam: did you tell Aria about the babies

Mitch: yea 

After talking a bit everyone left and Sam and i went to put the kids to sleep.

Sam: come on princess night night *puts Aria in her bed*

Aria: daddy 

Sam: yes princess *leans down* 

Aria: don't leave mommy 

Sam: princess i will never leave mommy why would you say that 

Aria: at school my friend's daddy left her mommy and she was sad, she said that her daddy doesn't love her mommy anymore

Sam: princess i love mommy with all my heart and even more, thats why i married her, so no boy can love her the way i would. I will never leave mommy, and if i happen to leave mommy, its not because i don't love her. I will always love mommy.

Aria: what about me Azari and Skylar

Sam: i will always love you guys too, if me and mommy break up you will see me everyday, but me and mommy won't break up because we love each other a lot 

Aria: daddy promise not to leave mommy 

Sam: i promise, goodnight princess *kisses Aria and walks out* 

Sierra: whats wrong

Sam: Aria asked me if i would ever leave you 

Sierra: really 

Sam: yea she said that a friend from school was sad because her daddy left her mummy and that her daddy didn't love her mummy anymore.

Sierra: what did you say

Sam: i told her that i will never leave you, and if i did it won't be because i don't love you, i told her that i would always love you. Ughh i hate this, i don't want Aria or the twins thinking that i'm gonna leave you because i don't love you. 

Sierra: i think i know why she asked that

Sam: why

Sierra: because you leave for tour she thinks that you won't come back. She asked me a couple times, she hates when you leave, i always tell her that you would always come back and that its only for us that you're leaving

Sam: you see i don't want her thinking that. I love you guys so much. you know i would never leave you right

Sierra: sometimes i think you will but..

Sam: think that i would leave you 

Sierra: sometimes but Sam

Sam: no...*gets up and goes through a folder and pulls out a paper* what does that name say

Sierra: Sierra Celeste Craske

Sam: thats my last name, i married you because i love you, i married you so no boy could ever love you the way i do, i married you and gave you my last name. I gave it to you because you are mine no else's, Sierra i love you, i chased you down for a 2 years, i wanted you no one else. You need to know that i will never ever in a million years ever leave you, i'm here to the end, to death do us part. 

Sierra: babe i love you i know you won't leave me *kisses Sam* 



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