Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


70. Chapter 71

*Next day*

Sierra pov: i was in my Kitchen on my laptop, while the twins were napping and Aria was at school. Sam and the boys were at the studio when Kim ran in to the Kitchen.

Kim: Sierra *happiness* 

Sierra: woah babes slow down whats up *smiles* 

Kim: *hold up a pregnancy test* 

Sierra: *shocked* No way!!

Kim: read it read it i haven't read it yet *passes it to Sierra* 

Sierra: Its POSITIVE !!!!!

Kim and Sierra: *scream in happiness* 

Sam and Mitch: *walk in*

Sam: woah woah girls relax

Sierra: *hides pregnancy test* sorry babe

Sam: *kisses Sierra* 

Mitch: hey babe *kisses Kim* 

Sam: what was you guys screaming about 

Sierra: uhh *looks at Kim*

Kim: we were screaming about our wedding babe we're just so excited 

Mitch: oh aww babe i'm excited too *smiles* 

Sam: *looks at Sierra* babe come here

Sierra: *walks to Sam* whats up

Sam: *whispers to Sierra* whats goin on 

Sierra: nothing 

Sam: don't lie to me *puts his arms around Sierra's waist and feels the pregnancy test under her shirt* 

Sierra: i'm not lying i swear *puts her arm around Sam's neck* 

Sam: ok 

Mitch: we're leaving we'll be back later tonight 

Sam: ok *gives Mitch a bro hug* 

I hug Mitch and Kim and they leave. 

Sam: babe whats that 

Sierra: whats what 

Sam: oh i don't know *grabs the test out of Sierra's shirt* this maybe

Sierra: babe no give it back 

Sam: its a pregnancy test and it's positive *shocked and looks at Sierra* oh no hey hell no we said no more 

Sierra: Sam *sighs* its not mine 

Sam: if its not your whats it doing in your shirt, if you are not pregnant why were you hiding this from me

Sierra: Sam that test is Kim's 

Sam: *drops test and runs to the kitchen and washed his hands* gross she peed on that, why did you have it

Sierra: because she came over here real excited and she asked me to read it since she didn't read it

Sam: is that why you guys were screaming 

Sierra: yes but you can't tell Mitch he doesn't know 

Sam: ok but this doesn't mean you won

Sierra: of course i didn't *starts walking away*

Sam: don't walk away from me

Sierra: *walks away* thats not what i'm doing at all 


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