Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


7. Chapter 7

*Next day*

Sierra pov:

Today me and Kim had an interview, to talk about how it is being girlfriends to two members of Diversity and stuff like that.



( I= Interviewer, S= Sierra, K= Kim)


I: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the girlfriends of two members of UK's biggest dance group Diversity Sierra and Kim.


Kim and I walk out and wave to the audience and say hi to the interviewer then we take a sit.


I: well, welcome ladies how are you guys

K: we're good *smiles* 

I: well a congrats is in order for Sierra, you're engage to Sam

S: aw it sounds really weird when someone else says *looks at Kim and smiles*

Kim and the audience laughs

I: how does it feel to be engaged?

S: Its amazing, I'm really happy *smiles*

I: thats great, what about you Kim how's it going with Mitch?

K: Its going really good *smiles*

I: thats good, Now I hear you guys have a clothing line coming out similar to the boys' clothing line right?

K: yea its actually in the same brand, the boys' clothing brand is FACE apparel for boys and girls, but the boys only have hats and shirts, Our line has everything to hats, shirts, accessories, for both girls and boys.

I: thats great when should we be seeing it?

S: sometime next spring *smiles*

I: now I understand the boys are going on tour right?

S: yea they are going on their new tour called Limitless The Reboot, in a couple of weeks

I: how do you girls cope with Sam and Mitch being away? Do you girls get worried?

K: I think whenever the boys are away we always worry. But its hard sometimes, but we got each other to hang out.

S: yea honestly for both of us its hard and we feel sometimes Sam and Mitch don't really understand how we feel when they go away and how we feel when they don't contact us sometimes. But we understand that they are working and everything. 

I: gotcha, ok, we're gonna answer some fan questions you up for it?

K&S: yea 

I: okay so the first question comes from Amelia from Australia and she says "what is the most romantic thing the boys have ever done?"

K: aww Sierra tell them about Sam and the box of notes *looks at me*

S: oh so when Sam was leaving for his last tour the Digitized tour, he left me a box and inside was letters he wrote to me, so whenever he was gone I would read one whenever I wanted to know how much he loves me or misses me, and underneath the letter were a Diversity Jacket , a FACE apparel hat, and a custom made shirt that says "DV" in the front and on the back it says "MRS. CRASKE #1" * smiles*


Audience awwws 

I: ok, we're gonna do one more this questions comes from a girl names Sydney from America she says " What's one feature you like about Sam and Mitch?"

K: I love Mitch's eyes 

S: I love Sam's smile

I: ok thats all we have time for, please give a hand for Sierra and Kim 

After the interview me and Kim went out to eat.





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