Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


68. Chapter 69

* 2 days later* 

Sierra pov: its been 2 days and Mitch and Kim have made up and Sam is finally talking to me. Kim and i decided to hold off on the girl's trip for a bit. I was at home in the living room with the twins while Aria was at school and Sam was in the Kitchen. I was playing with the twins when suddenly Skylar stood up on her own

Sierra: SAM!! 

Sam: *runs to the livingroom* what happened

Sierra: look at Skylar *points to Skylar* she might start walking 

Sam: * gets on his knees on the floor* come on baby girl walk to daddy come on 

Skylar: *lets go of the couch and takes one step*

Sam: thats it baby girl come on you can do it

Skylar: *walks to Sam*

Sam: *picks Skylar up* you did it Skylar good job, oh daddy is so proud of you *smiles* 

Sierra: i'm so glad you were here to see it

Sam: so am i, but now we got to get Azari to walk * puts Skylar down and grabs Azari* go ahead buddy walk to mommy 

Sierra: come on baby you can do it

Azari: *starts walking to Sierra* 

Sierra: *picks up Azari* yay you did it 

Sam: *picks up Skylar* mommy and daddy are so proud of you two *kisses Skylar and Azari and Sierra* 

Sierra: looks like we have to baby proof the house again 

Sam: yup now we have 3 walking and running kids to chase after

Sierra: i'm sorry we no you are gonna chase after them

Sam: what why me

Sierra: because your fit and have more energy 

Sam: babe your fit too 

Sierra: not like you, see you dance i don't

Sam: aww baby you want me to teach you how to dance 

Sierra: i know how to dance you saw me

Sam: babe you only dance to spanish music 

Sierra: because i'm spanish

Sam: i'm not gonna lie it was hot though *smirks* 

Sierra: shut up 

Sam: *puts the twins in the playpen* 

Sierra: we have to go christmas shopping 

Sam: yea what do you want for Christmas

Sierra: you 

Sam: you can get me anyday *smirks* 

Sierra: not like that 

Sam: just saying babe, but no seriously what do you want

Sierra: i don't want anything

Sam: babe you do you always want something

Sierra: ok but i don't want anything this year 

Sam: i got a thing in mind

Sierra: what

Sam: i can't tell you

Sierra: Sam you know i hate surprises 

Sam: yea well to bad

Sierra: what do you want for Christmas 

Sam: another baby *jokingly* 

Sierra: well you better go ask for that from someone else because i gave you three i'm done

Sam: i'm joking babe, i don't want anything i'm just happy i can spend Christmas with you and the kids

Sierra: you know this is gonna be our first Christmas as a married couple 

Sam: i know 

Sierra: well figure out what you want while you pick up Aria from school

Sam: mmm 

Sierra: Sam 

Sam: i'm going i'm going..kiss me first

Sierra: *kisses Sam* 

Sam; *leaves* 


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