Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


67. Chapter 68

* Next morning* 

Sierra pov: after last night, Sam was pretty mad at me, he hasn't spoken to me all night.

Mitch stayed with us last night. I woke up the next morning and gave the kids breakfast, when Sam and Mitch came down

Sam: *looks at Sierra and gives the kids a kiss and leaves* 

Sierra: where is he going

Mitch: to mum's house to pick something up

Sierra: so what happened last night

Mitch: what do you mean *sits on the island*

Sierra: *passes Mitch his breakfast* did Sam speak to you

Mitch: thanks and yea he did, he also told me about your little conversation with Kim

Sierra: Mitch i love you i do and i want the best for you and Kim, asking her to sign a prenup is not the best thing

Mitch: i just wanted to be safe with my things thats it

Sierra: i get that, but does that mean that if you guys get married and get a divorce that you would be left with everything and she gets left with nothing

Mitch: she wouldn't be though, look i love Kim with all my heart i would do anything for her, even if we break up i'll make sure that she has what she needs

Sierra: you and Sam are exactly the same

Mitch: *chuckles* yea well we're brothers he's the one who taught me about girls and how to treat them 

Sierra: you learnt from the best, but you should go talk to Kim

Mitch: she doesn't want to speak to me

Sierra: you won't know unless you don't try

Mitch: you really think i should talk to her

Sierra: yes 

Mitch: let me ask Aria for confirmation...Aria do you think i should go talk to auntie Kim

Aria: *nods* 

Mitch: well looks like i'm going to get my girl back *stands up* 

Sierra: go get her *smiles* 

After Mitch leaves, i had Aria play in her room while i cleaned up the twins, when Sam came home with a bag of things from his mom's house 

Sierra: Sam *softly* 

Sam: *looks at Sierra* 

Sierra: can you please talk to me

Sam: *shakes his head* 

Sierra: why, i fixed everything

Sam: how 

Sierra: *smiles* i spoke to Mitch and he is on his way to talk to Kim 

Sam: well unless he comes back with her then i'll talk to you but until then 

Sierra: Sam you acting like a little kid

Sam: *shrugs his shoulders and walks away* 


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