Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


66. Chapter 67

* 2 months later* 

Sierra pov: so its been 2 months since Mitch and Kim got engaged and i was helping her plan, she was coming by today to talk about the wedding, while the boys were at the studio.

Kim: Sierra 

Sierra: in the kitchen

Kim: *walks in the kitchen* is Sam still here

Sierra: yea why

Kim: Mitch is waiting for him

Sierra: oh Sam *shouts*

Sam: *runs downstairs and pecks Sierra* i know love you

Sierra: love you too 

Sam: *leaves*

Sierra: so whats been going on

Kim: so Mitch and i were talking the other day about the wedding and guess what he hands me

Sierra: what 

Kim: *pulls out a stack of papers*

Sierra: he's making you sign a prenup 

Kim: yup, well asking me too

Sierra: Kim you know i love Mitch, but he is wrong for doing this, you better not sign this

Kim: why not

Sierra: Kim if you sign this that means that if you guys do get married,, and god forbid get a divorce you are left with nothing, no money, no house, just the clothes on your back, he will get to keep the house and everything.

Kim: what do i do he wants me to sign this

Sierra: if i was you i wouldn't 

Kim: before you and Sam got married, did he ask you to sign a prenup 

Sierra: no, Sam said that we ever do get a divorce he rather me be good and on my feet rather than him taking everything

Kim: *sighs* 

Sierra: Kim trust me don't do it

Kim: trust me i'm not signing this *rips up the paper* 

Sierra: atta girl

Kim: Sierra tonight have your guest bedroom ready because you'll be having a guest for a couple days

Sierra: *chuckles* girl i had the guest bedroom done for a while, i've been waiting for Sam's ass to act up 

Kim: *laughs* he's been good 

Sierra: for now, but give it a while and he'll act up again

Kim: oh these Craske brothers are gonna get us into some deep stuff huh

Sierra: girl you know it, thats why we are taking that girls vacation away from them

Kim: true but i don't know if i want to be away from Mitch

Sierra: babes i love Sam to bits, but sometimes i just need to like fly away from the nest for a bit to like stretch my wings 

After 2 hours of talking the boys came back

Kim: that flight is gonna be long

Sam: what flight

Sierra: the flight for our vacation

Mitch: ooh we're going on vacation

Sierra: no me and Kim are

Mitch: what 

Kim: yea and by the way we need to talk *looks at Mitch* 

Mitch: oh you got the your in trouble look, am i in trouble

Kim: *nods* 

Mitch: ughh

Kim: so i suggest you go upstairs to Sierra and Sam's guest room because that's where you be staying for a bit

Mitch: what *shocked* no way

Kim: yes way, i'm gonna go home and bring you some of your clothes

Mitch: wait what did i do

Kim: why did you ask me to sign a prenup 

Mitch: i just want to be safe and smart with my things ok i worked hard to get all the things i have 

Kim: you think that if we break up i was gonna take all your things, Mitch i don't want your things

Sierra: *looks at Sam* i don't feel any love in this room right now 

Sam: babe shhh 

Mitch: you know what fine i'll stay here with Sam and Sierra, i'm done with this *walks off* 

Sam: *follows Mitch*

Sierra: Kim are you ok *goes to Kim*

Kim: did he just call of the engagement * tears up* 

Sierra: i don't know babe, but why don't you go home, so you guys can cool off 

Kim: *leaves* 

After a bit Sam comes back down 

Sam: *looks at Sierra and sighs*

Sierra: well what happened

Sam: he's done babe he doesn't want to get married anymore

Sierra: this is all my fault 

Sam: babe it's not your fault

Sierra: it is i told Kim not sign the prenup 

Sam: * shocked* what Sierra why would you do that

Sierra: because its wrong, do you know that if she would've signed that prenup and they got married and god forbid got divorced she would be left with nothing but the clothes on her back, he would keep it all. Sam i love Mitchell i really do, but he is wrong for asking her to sign that prenup

Sam: Sierra i don't care this is not your relationship to go and try to fix, i told you to stay out of their problems a long time ago.

Sierra: why are you getting mad at me, she came to me, and asked me my opinion and i told her my opinion, if you would've came to me with a prenup i wouldn't have signed it, why so you can have everything, while i'm left with three kids to take care of

Sam: you know i would never leave you and the kids without anything, even if we do breakup i will still always take care of you and the kids

Sierra: well thats what i'm trying to do, ok i'm trying to help my friend out just like you are trying to help your brother out. 

Sam: well he doesn't want to get married anymore he called off the engagement 

Sierra: go talk to him and change his mind, Sam that boy and that girl love each other to much to let this go, they've been together for 4 years and just when they are about to tie the knot they just drop everything

Sam: *walks upstairs* 


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