Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


65. Chapter 66

* Aria's school*

Sierra pov: Sam and i arrived at Aria's school and got out the car, Sam waited next to the car while i went inside to get Aria.

Sierra: *walks with Aria*

Aria: Mommy

Sierra: yea bug

Aria: when is daddy coming home

Sierra and Aria walk outside

Sierra: i don't know why don't you ask daddy yourself *points to the car*

Aria: Daddy *runs to Sam*

Sam: *picks up Aria and hugs her* hey princess

Aria: daddy are you staying home now

Sam: yes princess i'm staying home 

Aria: yayy 

Sam: come on lets go home

After picking up the kids we went back home and hung out together. When Kim and Mitch dropped by.

Aria: uncle Mitch *runs to Mitch*

Mitch: hey nugget *kisses Aria's cheek* 

Aria: i missed you a lot 

Mitch: really how much 

Aria: this much *opens her arms wide* 

Mitch: aww well i missed you this much *opens his arms wide* 

Mitch and Kim walked into the living room where Sam and i were sitting with the twins

Kim: hey guys 

Sierra: hey babes, congrats on the engagement 

Kim: thanks i wish you could've been there Mitch told me you called him to scream at him 

Sierra: yea i did

Aria: daddy whats an engagement 

Sam: well princess, you know how there's boyfriends and girlfriends

Aria: *nods*

Sam: well when a boyfriend and a girlfriend love each other a lot, they get engage which is when a boy plans a big surprise for the girlfriend, and then he gets down on one knee and ask the girlfriend to marry him, with a ring, just like mummy has and auntie Kim has.

Aria: so are you and mommy married

Sam: yes princess me and mommy are married 

Aria: does that mean you are going to be together forever

Sam: yes 

Aria: uncle Mitch are you and auntie Kim going to be together forever

Mitch: after our wedding yes *smiles*

Aria: does that mean i get a little cousin

Mitch: not yet Aria ok soon though, when we do have a baby you will be the first to know ok.

Aria: ok 

After talking a bit Kim and Mitch left while Sam and i put the kids to bed. We soon went to our room and fell asleep.

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