Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


64. Chapter 65

* 5 1/2 months later* 

Sierra pov: so it's been 5 1/2 months since Sam has been on tour, So far the tour has been going amazing from what Sam has been telling me. Aria just celebrated her 2nd birthday for the first time without Sam, it was hard thing for her to have a birthday with out her father, but we had him call in through skype and she was a little happy with that. We also Celebrated Sam's birthday with a Skype call. The twins have been great the are 9 months now and they are already crawling and saying little words. Also i got Aria in rolled in a daycare so she can get ready for school soon. Today was gonna be a great day because Sam was coming home. Aria was in daycare and Sam and i would be picking her up after school for a surprise.

Sierra: *at the airport* 

???: flight 743 from Newcastle has landed

I stood up when i seen my beautiful husband walk off the plane and run towards me

Sam: *hugs Sierra* oh baby i missed you so much 

Sierra: i missed you too 

Sam: *kisses Sierra* 

After our reunion Sam and i head home, when we arrive we go inside

Sam: oh my gosh look at my boy *picks up Azari*

Sierra: um you got one more too *chuckles*

Sam: *grabs Skylar* hey baby girl, you guys got so big 

Sierra: u missed them haven't you

Sam: i missed all of you, oh i got something to tell you 

Sierra: what

Sam: Mitch and Kim got engaged 

Sierra: WHAT!!! 

Sam: yup 

Sierra: i missed it thats not fair, Mitch was there for our proposal oh uh uh *picks up her phone*

Sam: what are you doing *puts twins in their playpen*

Sierra: don't worry about what i'm doing worry about your own self *calls Mitch* 

Sam: Sierra 

Sierra: shh 

Phone convo: 

Mitch: hello 

Sierra: you son of a bitch

Mitch: *sarcastically* aww i missed you too Sierra

Sierra: Why wasn't i there to see you and Kim get engaged

Mitch: *chuckles* Sierra i'm sorry you wasn't there to see our proposal but it just sorta happened, we were just in the moment

Sierra: i'm seriously hurt by this Mitch like *jokingly* 

Mitch: *chuckles* i'm sorry Sierra

Sierra: nah i'm joking congrats though bro *laughs*

Mitch: thanks 

Sierra: alright Mitch i'll talk to you later 

Mitch: ok love you

Sierra: love you too *hangs up*

Sam: really you had to call him *smirks*

Sierra: yes, how's her ring 

Sam: *shows Sierra a picture of Kim's ring*

Sierra: oh my gosh its so pretty

Sam: looks like there's another wedding to plan

Sierra: we also have to throw them an engagement party 

Sam: yea but lets not think of that now, we gotta go pick up Aria

Sam and i left the twins with Sam's parents and went to pick up Aria


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