Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


62. Chapter 63

* at the airport*

Sierra pov: Kim and i and the kids had to leave after the show, we hung out with the boys for a bit but we couldn't stay, we were currently at the airport with Sam and Mitch. 

Aria: daddy 

Sam: yes princess *looks at Aria*

Aria: daddy come home

Sam: um no baby daddy can't go home *sadly*

Aria: why 

Sam: well princess you know daddy dances with the uncle Mitch right

Aria: *nods*

Sam: well dancing is daddy's job, thats how i get money to buy you all those toys

Aria: daddy i want you home 

Lately these past 4 months Aria has been able to say more words, and put them in to sentences

Sam: i know you do princess i want to come home too, but i'll be home soon 

???: flight 487 to Essex is now boarding

Sierra: say bye to daddy Aria

Aria: bye daddy *hugs Sam*

Sam: *tears up* bye princess 

Aria: *puts her hands on his cheeks* i love you daddy

Sam: i love you too Aria *kisses her* 

I pass Skylar and Azari to Sam and he says goodbye to them, then he comes to me

Sierra: don't cry cause its gonna make Aria cry

Sam: *dries his eyes* i know its just hard, like this is my first time seeing you guys for four months and now you guys need to leave 

Sierra: i know but remember you always come back to us

Sam: i know

Sierra: alright well we got to go *hugs Sam* 

Sam: i love you Nala *smiles sadly*

Sierra: *smiles* i love you too Simba *kisses Sam*

After saying goodbye we boarded the plane and went home.

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