Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


61. Chapter 62

* 4 months later* 

Sierra: Its been 4 months without Sam, I heard that tour was going great, today Kim and i were taking the kids to one of the shows the boys' were doing to surprise them, we arrived at the arena and hid in one of the dressing rooms. I was holding Skylar and Kim was holding Azari and Aria when, Danielle came and took us to the side of the stage.

Ash: ok real quick before we continue we would like to bring out a couple of special guests, but first Sam come up here, we gotta to put you in the spot 

Crowd: *cheers*

Sam: *walks next to Ash* 

Ash: ok so as you all heard this guy right here has finally tied the knot *smirks*

Sam: *smiles* 

Crowd: *cheers* 

Ash: so its we a surprise for you and Mitch as well come up here 

Mitch: *stands next to Sam* 

Ash: ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for The Craske family 

Crowd: *Cheers louder*

Aria: *runs to Sam* daddy

Sam: *leans down and picks up Aria* 

Kim and i walk out to the stage and Mitch and Sam come up to us and hug us, as i look at Sam he has tears coming down his face.

Sam: hi babe 

Sierra: *kisses Sam* 

Sam: i missed you so much 

Ash: ladies come here please, i would like to introduce to everyone Kim Fuller, Mitchell's girlfriend and for the first time Sierra Craske Sam's wife, and their three kids, Aria, Azari, and Skylar 

Crowd: *cheers* 

Sam: *grabs the mic* Aria want to say something to the nice people

Aria: *hides her face*

Sam: aww come on wheres the smiles *tickles her*

Crowd: awww

Ash: thank you so much everyone 

Kim and i grab the kids and go backstage and wait for the boys to finish, when they finish Sam comes back and hugs me 

Sam: i love you so much 

Sierra: i love you too *kisses Sam* 


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