Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


59. Chapter 60

*Next Morning*

Sierra pov: i was in the kitchen with Aria, today Sam had a day off from rehearsals so he stayed home to help me out with the kids. Today Mitch, and Ellie were coming over to hang out. 

Mitch: yo yo *walks in the Kitchen* 

Sierra: whats up *hugs Mitch and Ellie*

Mitch: hey nugget *smiles* 

Sierra: she has attitude today 

while we were talking Sam came down with the twins and handed them to Ellie and Mitch

Sam: whats up guys 

Ellie: nothing much just talking about how Aria has attitude 

Sam: oh does she *looks at Aria* 

We started talking about the boys' tour when Skylar started crying

Mitch: oh oh what do i do 

Sam: *laughs* she's probably hungry

I grabbed a bottle from behind me and handed it to Mitch

Mitch: oh damn Sierra that was fast *chuckles and feeds Skylar*

Sierra: listen when you have three kids, you always have to be prepared 

Aria: dada 

Sam: yea princess *looks at Aria*

Aria: down 

Sam takes Aria out her high chair and puts her down on the floor

Ellie: so are you guys planning on more kids

Sam: no way i'm done i got my three girls and my boy i don't need any thing else

Sierra: oh now you don't want any more, well i do i want two more *winks at Ellie*

Sam: *looks at Sierra* alright babe you know you always get what you want *smirks* 

Sierra: no babe i was joking

Sam:  no come on lets have more

Sierra: no Sam stop *laughs* 

Sam: i'm joking babe no more for us 

Sierra: good

We continued talking when Aria came

Aria: itch 

Mitch: yea nugget *looks at Aria*

Aria: house 

Mitch: wanna come to my house 

Aria: *nods* 

Mitch: *looks at Sam and Sierra* can she come 

Sam: yea maybe she can sleep over 

Mitch: sleepover?

Sam: yea so you can see how it is to live with a 1 year old 

Mitch: you know alright i'll take Aria over night i can handle it 

Sierra: good luck 

After talking I packed Aria's bag and went downstairs so she can go with Mitch.

Sam: ok princess you're gonna sleep over at uncle Mitch's house ok, so you be a good girl 

Aria: *nods* 

Sam: *kisses and hugs Aria and passes her to Mitch* take care of my daughter please 

Mitch: i will relax *chuckles*

Sierra: bye bug 

Aria: bye mama 

Mitch, Ellie, and Aria left and it was just me, Sam, and the twins

Sam: we'll its just us and these little ones *holding Skylar*

Sierra: yup *holding Azari* 

Azari: *opens his eyes and looks at Sam*

Sam: *looks at Azari* hey buddy *smiles*

Azari: *smiles* 

Sierra: i love you Sam 

Sam: *looks at Sierra and smiles* i love you too *kisses Sierra* 

Sam: and i love you guys too *kisses Skylar and Azari*





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