Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


58. Chapter 59

*later that night*

Sierra pov: i just put Aria and Azari down to sleep and i was now feeding Skylar when Sam came in

Sam: hey babe *kisses Sierra*

Sierra: hi 

Sam: *kisses Skylar* hi baby girl *smiles*

Sierra: how was rehearsal 

Sam: it was ok, how about you, you ok *grabs Skylar* 

Sierra: yea just tired 

Sam: aww babe why didn't you call me i would've came home to help you

Sierra: no Sam its ok, you need to stay with the boys they need you 

Sam: you and the kids need me as well, you're my wife babe if you need help or anything you know you can tell me

Sierra: i know babe

Sam: ok 

Sierra: take Skylar upstairs and put her in her crib and jump in the shower 

Sam: you talk to me like i'm your son instead of a husband *jokingly*

Sierra: sometimes i have to *smirks*

Sam walks upstairs and puts Skylar in her bed and jumps in the shower, while i get his dinner ready, after 15 mins he comes back down and eats his dinner.

Sierra: you never told me when the first day of tour is

Sam: its soon in like a couple of weeks

Sierra: how far are you going

Sam: not that far 

Sierra: how long are you leaving for

Sam: um i think the same time as the last tour 

Sierra: ooh ok, you better behave yourself when you go *jokingly*

Sam: *smirks* don't i always

Sierra: mm its different now you're married so you are locked in 

Sam: *chuckles* not really babe 

Sam and i continued talking when Aria came down

Aria: mama 

Sam: hey princess what are you doing up *picks up Aria* 

Aria: night night 

Sam: yea its night night time, come on lets go to your bed *stands up*

Aria: dada no 

Sam: what do you mean no 

Aria: big bed 

Lately Aria has been sleeping in mine and Sam's bed, she doesn't want to sleep in her bed

Sam: no princess you have to sleep in your bed tonight

Aria: big bed 

Sam: Aria the big bed is for mommy and daddy

Aria: noo 

Sam: *looks at Sierra* babe can she just sleep with us for tonight 

Sierra: Sam she is gonna be 2 in seven months and she needs to learn to sleep in her bed 

Sam: ughhh *walks to the stairs*

Sierra: get used to it cause you have to do this again two more times 

Sam: *mocks Sierra while walking upstairs* 

Sierra: *laughs* 

Sam was such a softy when it came to Aria, she has him wrapped around her finger. I walked upstairs to my room to see Aria and Sam laying in mine and Sam's bed.

Sierra: seriously 

Sam: i couldn't help it she gave me the eyes

Sierra: what eyes 

Sam: the same eyes you give me when you want something 

Sierra: i don't do that 

Sam: yes you do 

Sierra: no i don't 

Sam: yes you do 

Sierra: why am i arguing with, Sam she needs to sleep in her bed, thats why we have one in her room

Sam: babe just let her sleep in here tonight and tomorrow we'll figure it out 

Sierra: ughh you're a pain in my ass Craske

Sam: watch your mouth *smirks* 

Sierra: shut up 

I get in bed and fall asleep. 

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