Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


54. Chapter 55

* at the hospital*

Sierra pov: we arrived at the hospital at 1 in the morning, Mitch and Jordan were here in the room with me and Sam.

Sam: *walks in* hey its a party in here

Sierra: Mitch try not to eat in here this time 

Mitch: sorry sis no can do 

Jordan: wheres Aria

Sam: we dropped her off at my parents 

Jordan: what did the doctors say

Sam: i just spoke to her outside, she said that since the twins are two months early they are gonna have to stay here for a couple weeks, they gotta make sure they're breathing and feeding right. 

Sierra: ughh i so never want to do this again

Sam: *laughs* babe after these two lets try for three more

Sierra: *looks at Sam* get out *points to the door*

Jordan, Mitch, Sam: *laughs*

Ellie: *walks in* hey girly 

Sierra: hi 

Ellie sits down next to Mitchell 

Ellie: how long have you been here

Sam: not long maybe an hour or so

Jordan: come on lets cheer Sierra up 

Sierra: no i'm good

Sam: aww baby *gets up and starts kissing Sierra playfully*

Sierra: ughh Sam stop 

Sam: say you love me

Sierra: i love you 

Sam: give me a kiss

Sierra: i don't know if you deserve one

Sam: um i think i do

Sierra: *leans up and kisses Sam*

Sam: thank you *smiles*

Nurse: *walks in* hello Mrs. Craske

Sierra: hello 

Nurse: how are you feeling 

Sierra: i'm feeling some pressure but not a lot

Nurse: ok well do you feel any contractions 

Sierra: no 

Nurse: ok *checks Sierra* well you're 6 cm dilated so in a couple hours we should see some babies

Sierra: ok *smiles*

The nurse leaves and i sit up on my bed

Ellie: you really don't feel anything

Sierra: no its weird because for Aria i felt everything and now for these two i don't 

Mitch: thats crazy

Sierra: lets hope in a couple of ours we'll have some babies


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