Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


53. Chapter 54

* Middle of the night*

Sierra pov: i woke up have contractions, it was weird because i'm not fully 9 months yet. i sat up and woke Sam up 

Sam: mm babe whats wrong *sits up* 

Sierra: *scared* Sam i'm having contractions 

Sam: What no you can't be you're only 7 months 

Sierra: we need to go to the hospital 

Sam: ok come on 

Sam and i got ready, we woke up Aria and went downstairs, while Sam was packing the car Aria and I were eating. 

Sam: *walks in* what Sierra 

Sierra: what *mouth full*

Sam: why are you eating you're not supposed to be eating

Sierra: i'm hungry and plus they are gonna shut off my food supply 

Sam: i gotta run upstairs to get something but when i come down i want all this food gone, do i make myself clear

Sierra: but Sam

Sam: do i make myself clear 

Sierra: crystal 

Sam runs upstairs and i take the chance to put the rest of my food in my bag, i wasn't leaving on an empty stomach

Luckily i finished before Sam came down 

Sam: ready 

Sierra: yup *starts walking*

Sam: wait 

Sierra: *turns around* what

Sam: * grabs Sierra's bag and takes out the food* seriously 

Sierra: how did you know that was in my bag

Sam: i was you boyfriend for three years, your finace for 8 months, and your husband for 7 months, trust me i know what you do every second of every day

Sierra: ughh  *walks to the car* 

Sam: i still love you *shouts to Sierra*

Sam: *picks up Aria* come on princess, mommy's mad at daddy *laughs and walks out*

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