Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


50. Chapter 51

2 weeks later*

Sierra pov: today i was going to a doctor appointment to check on my pregnancy, Sam couldn't go with me today, he had to go to rehearsals, but Kim insisted on going, we arrived at the doctor's and signed in.


Nurse: Sierra Craske

Kim and i followed the nurse to the room and the doctor walked in.

Dr Goodman: Sierra you're back 

Sierra: yup i'm back

Dr Goodman: well lets have a look 

i watch the doctor put the gel on my stomach and move the wand around

Dr Goodman: well this is interesting

Sierra: what is

Dr Goodman: it looks like you're having twins 

Sierra and Kim: What!!

Sierra: no no i only ordered one

Dr Goodman: *chuckles* well looks like you're gonna be getting two for the price of one

the doctor gets up and gives me my pictures and leaves

Sierra: i'm gonna kill Sam

Kim: *chuckles* why 

Sierra: he jinxed it 

Kim: its ok i'll take one 

Kim and i head home, when i arrive i see Sam in the kitchen

Sam: hey babe 

Sierra: hi *kisses Sam*

Sam: how was the doctors *leans on the island and looks at Sierra*

Sierra: it um was ok

Sam: whats wrong

Sierra: nothing

Sam: babe tell me 

Sierra: ugh ok look *passes Sam the ultrasound pictures*

Sam: i don't know what i'm looking at 

Sierra: *rolls eyes* ok you see these two little circles

Sam: yea 

Sierra: those are our babies

Sam: ohh wait what *confused*

Sierra: we're having twins

Sam: twins 

Sierra: yes 

Sam: *smiles* i did good

Sierra: shut up *walks away*

Sam: babe i was joking.....I love you *shouts*



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