Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


49. Chapter 50

*Next day* 

Sierra pov: Sam and i woke up the next morning and ate breakfast, today Sam was going to rehearsals and i was going with him. Sam's mom works with Danielle with the boys' tour so today she was bringing Aria with her. We went and got ready and drove to the studio. When we arrived, Sam walked in a head of me a bit.


Sam: hey boys

Jordan: hey its the married man * hugs Sam*

Sierra: *walks in*

Ash: hey Mrs. Craske

Sierra: *smiles* hey boys

Sam and i chatted with the boys when Sam's mom came in

Jenny: Aria look who's that

Sam: PRINCESS!! *opens arms*

Aria: *runs to Sam* 

Sam: ughh i missed you *kisses Aria*

Aria: dada *smiles*

Sam: oh i missed being called dada

Sierra: *giggles* hey bug

Aria: mama dada

Sierra: you don't wanna come with me

Aria: *shakes her head no and hugs Sam* 

Sierra: hey traitor i carried you for 9 months you owe me 

Sam: aww she missed her daddy

After spending some time with Aria, Sam and the boys started rehearsals and Aria and i sat down in the back, but out of nowhere Aria started misbehaving.

Sierra: Aria sit down now *sternly* 

Aria: *runs* 

Sierra: Sam!!

Sam: *turns around* yea 

Sierra: get your daughter please

Sam: *grabs Aria* why are you being a bad girl today

Aria: *starts kicking* 

Sam: hey hey cut it out *sternly*

Aria: *catches tantrum* 

Sam: Aria Marie cut it out now *angrily* 

Sierra: *frustrated* i'm gonna take her home 

I take Aria home and put her down for a nap, 2 hours later Sam comes home.

Sam: hey babe *kisses Sierra*

Sierra: hey 

Sam: i'm beat *sits down* 

Sierra: *giggles* i bet

Sam: what was up with Aria today 

Sierra: i don't know she never acted like that before

Sam: i know

Sierra: so you still want another baby

Sam: after today i don't' think so..why 

Sierra: *opens drawer and passes Sam a pregnancy test*

Sam: are you serious *smirks*

Sierra: yup, thanks for getting me knocked up again *jokingly* 

Sam: *gets up* anytime *smirks and hugs Sierra* 



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