Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


48. Chapter 49

* 2 weeks later* 

Sierra pov: so Sam and I were home now after our honeymoon in Bora Bora, it was so much fun and the place was gorgeous. Sam's parents were keeping Aria for another week while me and Sam got settled in. Mitchell and Kim stopped by to see us.


Kim: SIERRA!!! *screams in happiness and hugs Sierra*

Sierra: *giggles* hey babes 

Kim: i missed you 

Sierra: aww i missed you 

Mitch and I do our secret handshake 

Mitch: so how was it

Sierra: it was so much fun the place was beautiful 

While we were talking Sam came down the stairs in sweatpants and a tanktop

Sam: whats up guys *hugs Kim and Mitch*

Kim: nothing much how about you

Sam: ughh Jet lag got me hard 

Mitch: *chuckles* i bet how long was the flight 

Sierra: it was 16 hours in total, 8 hours to go and 8 hours to come back

Kim: so um did you guys make baby # 2 over there 

Sierra: i don't know maybe *smirks*

Kim: oooh you did

Sierra: i didn't say yes or no i said maybe

Kim: details 

Sierra: Kim 

Mitch: babe relax 

Kim: sorry sorry i still wanna know

Sierra: you will later

Sam: so whats been going on while we left

Mitch: nothing much just beginning to put stuff together for the tour, when are you coming to rehearsals

Sam: tomorrow 

Mitch: ooh your first time stepping into the studio as a married man

Sam: yea well you gotta step up to the plate sooner or later 

Sierra: yea Mitch when are you going to put a ring on it

Mitch: *looks at Kim and smirks* soon

Sierra: how soon

Mitch: i got ideas, i ain't saying nothing to you *points to Sierra* but you *points to Sam* i'll tell you later

Sierra: thats not right, he's my husband now, he can't keep secrets from me

Sam: well babe this one i might have too

Sierra: yea no you're not, we said vows you have a job

Sam: ughh ok *looks at Mitch and nods*

Mitch: got you 

Kim and Mitch leave and me and Sam head off to bed.

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