Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


42. Chapter 43


Sierra pov: Sam and i arrived at the little diner where we were having lunch with Sam's parents, Sam told me in the car that his parents wanted to talk to us about something.

When we walked in we sat at the table with Sam's parents and we put Aria in the little high chair.

Sam: so what did you guys wanna talk about

Jenny: well your father and i were talking about this whole situation with you and Sierra

Sam: what do you mean, Sierra and i are fine, we're happy

Jenny: i know but we were talking and we both agreed that its not right to have Aria be raised in the spotlight

Sierra: but she's not being raised in the spotlight we don't get mobbed or anything she's safe

Paul: we feel like with Sam leaving for tours and everything we just want you guys to be happy and Aria be happy 

Sam: dad nothing is gonna happen, we are happy and i'm looking after Sierra and Aria.

After our chat Sam and i went back home to hang out and to put Aria down for her nap.

Sam: baby when are we gonna do our wedding

Sierra: soon why

Sam: i just want to call you my wife officially 

Sierra: i know we will in a couple of months

Sam: how long 

Sierra: i don't know

Sam: if everything done for the wedding 

Sierra: yea 

Sam: then lets do it, before i go on my next tour 

Sierra: seriously

Sam: yes

Sierra: ok

Sam: *kisses Sierra*

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