Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


41. Chapter 42

* next day*

Sierra pov: i woke up to Aria on the baby monitor, i got up and went to her room.

Sierra: good morning bug 

Aria: mama *reaches for Sierra* 

Sierra: *picks up Aria*

Aria: mama dada 

Sierra: wanna see daddy

Aria: *nods* 

I walk out Aria 's room and walk into mine and Sam's room to see Sam asleep on the bed.

I sit on my side of the bed and watch Aria climb on Sam 

Aria: dada 

Sierra: *giggles* daddy's sleeping 

Aria: dada dada *hits his chest*

Sam: *opens his eyes and smiles*

Aria: dada

Sam: hey princess *kisses her head*

Sierra: what do you wanna do today

Sam: i was planning on taking you guys out today

Sierra: where

Sam: wherever you guys wanna go 

Sierra: mmm i don't know 

Sam: well while you think about it, i'm gonna go and make breakfast for my little princess *picks Aria up* 

Sierra: i don't get breakfast

Sam: *looks at Sierra* you don't eat breakfast 

Sierra: i forgot you knew that

I walk with Sam downstairs, he puts Aria in her chair and starts making breakfast. 

Sierra: why don't we go shopping 

Sam: shopping

Sierra: yea 

Sam: babe as much as i love spoiling you and Aria, you guys have enough clothes *smirks*

Sierra: well i don't know where to go 

Sam: *gives Aria her breakfast*

Aria: ank you

Sam: *smiles and kisses her head* your welcome princess

Sam comes back and talks to me

Sam: well 

Sierra: babe *wraps her arms around his neck* i don't know

Sam: lets go out with my mom and dad 

Sierra: ok 

We went to get ready and we took the short drive to meet up with Sam's parents.

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