Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


40. Chapter 41

*3 months later*

Sierra pov: the past 3 months have been amazing, Sam was finally home with me and Aria. He has been with Aria every minute of the day, spending time with her. He has also been taking her to the studio with him to spend time with the boys and Danielle. Today was was actually a big day, today was Aria's first birthday,  I couldn't believe that my little girl was actually a year old today. Sam and i were setting up decorations while Aria was taking a nap, we were throwing her a party with our friends and family. Her theme was pink and black zebra, Sam went and got her cake which was perfect, we finished the decorations and went to get ready when Aria woke up we got her dressed into her outfit, when we heard the door knock.

Sam:*runs downstairs and opens the door* hey guys 

It was mine and Sam's family with the boys of Diversity.

Ash: where's Aria 

Sam: upstairs with Sierra they'll be down in a min but put you gifts under the table in the kitchen.

Everyone was in the kitchen when me and Aria walked in.

Sierra: hey guys

Boys: hey Happy Birthday Aria!!!!

Aria: *smiles and laughs*

I pass Aria to Ash and go to Sam

Sam: whats up babe

Sierra: did you get Aria's present 

Sam: yea its in the backyard

Sam and i got Aria a pink little Audi car, it was just like Sam's but smaller and pink.

*2 hours later* 

Sam: ok everyone come to the kitchen we are gonna sing Happy birthday

Everyone walked in to the kitchen, Sam put Aria's cake on top of the island and he picked her up and stood her up on the island, Mitch lit up her candles and turned the lights off. I saw everyone with their cameras out taking pictures and videos.

Sierra: Ready!! 1...2...3


Sam: Aria blow out the candles 

Aria tried to blow out the candles but couldn't so Sam and I helped her. 

Aria: *claps her hands* yayy

We all ate cake then it was time for presents.

Sam sat in the chair with Aria on his lap and i sat next to him.

Sierra: ok this one is from Nonna (Sam's mom) and Lolo (Sam's dad)

I opened the gift and it was a pink laptop for babies like Aria 

Sierra: aww look Aria now you can skype daddy when he leaves 

Everyone laughs

Sierra: ok the next one is from Uncle Ike

I opened the gift and it was a custom made pink FACE Apparel hat and shirt 

Sierra: aww thanks Ike

I went through everyones gift except mine and Sam's and Kim and Mitch's 

Sierra: ok sweet baby Jesus, guys we would've been fine with money

Everyone laughs

Sierra: ok this one is from auntie Kim and uncle Mitch 

i opened their gift and it was the same sneakers that Mitch and Kim both have

Sam: *chuckles* you guys got my daughter the same sneakers you guys have

Mitch: yea don't be mad you don't have them 

Sierra: alright well mommy and daddy have a special gift for Aria so everyone follow me

We all get up and go out to the back yard 

Sam: *passes Aria to Sierra* ok mommy and daddy went out and got this for you baby girl *brings out Aria's pink car*

Aria: arr arr *points to the car* 

Sam:*grabs Aria and puts her in the car* 

Aria starts driving around the yard with her car

we all watch.

Jordan: look at her already driving, pretty soon she's gonna be dating

Sam: shut up she's not allowed date

Jordan: why not

Sam: because i'm her father and i said so.




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