Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


39. Chapter 40

*later that night*

Sierra pov: the boys of Diversity came by to hang out and to see Aria. 

*knock knock* 

Sam: *opens door* hey guys

boy: *walk in to the living room* 

Sierra: * walks to the living room with Aria behind her* hey boys

boys: hi Sierra

Ash: oh my gosh is that Aria 

Sam: yea she's big right

Warren: Sam she's beautiful and she walks

Sam: yup 

Ike: can she talk

Sierra: yea she can say mama and dada, she can say little things here and there

Jordan: hey you *looks at Aria* come here uncle Jordan wants some love

Aria: *smiles and runs to Jordan* 

Jordan: *picks her up and kisses her cheeks* 

Ash: she looks just like you Sam

Sam: She has Sierra's eyes

Ash: yea and her hair but everything else is you

Sam: *smiles* 

We all were talking when we heard Mitch and Kim walk in

Mitch: alright where is my little nugget *smiles*

Aria: Itch itch, mama itch *points to Mitch* 

Sierra: yea bug go give uncle Mitch a hug 

Aria: *runs and jumps on Mitch* 

Aria knows the boys name because for the past 9 months while Sam was away i taught her the boys' names. I wanted her to know her uncles since she was going to be around them her whole life. 

Mitch: ughhh hey nugget *hugs and kisses Aria* you missed me *looks at Aria*

Aria: *shakes her head no playfully*

Mitch: what! no *tickles Aria* how about now

Aria: *nods her head* 

Mitch: good *passes Aria to Kim* 

Mitch walks over to me and we do our secret handshake he then goes around and says hi to all the boys.

Jordan: its crazy how much she grew, it felt like yesterday she was just born and we were all holding her

Ash: i know time flies

Perri: so when are we gonna be uncles again

Sierra: Mitch Kim you heard Perri get it popping with those babies 

the boys laugh

Mitch: uhh no how about you 

Sierra: no i'm fertile i can't have anymore

Sam: babe *smirks* 

Sierra: what i'm serious Aria messed me up

Sam: one more

Sierra: nope ain't happening

Sam: what if Aria gets lonely when she gets older

Sierra: we'll buy her a dog

The boys by now are cracking up our mine and Sam's conversation

Sam: we'll have one more a boy this time

Sierra: nooooo

Sam: alright fine but who knows maybe the next time we do it i won't wear protection

Sierra: *smirks* you don't need to i'm on birth control 

Boys: oooo

Jordan: she came at you 

Sam: since when were you on birth control

Sierra: about 2 months now

Sam: what kind 

Sierra: *whispers in his ear* 

Sam: oh my god babe *grossed out* 

Ash: ok can you at least tell us what it does

Sierra: the birth control i'm on, it blocks the sperm from swimming up, its like a little cup, the sperm will only come out when i go to the bathroom

Boys: ewww 

Kim: whats it called

Mitch: *looks at Kim* why do you wanna know what its called

Kim: what if i want to go on birth control 

Mitch: what why, i use protection

Kim: ok but i wanna be safe

Mitch: what you trying to say i have an STD or something

We all laugh at Mitch because of how serious he got.

Kim: babe really 

Mitch: you don't need birth control, you won't get pregnant

Kim: birth control helps your skin

Mitch: your skin is fine

Kim: it helps regulate your period

Mitch: matter of fact birth control might not be a bad idea.

We all laugh at their conversation, Aria fell asleep on Jordan so Sam went and put her in her bed. Later on the boys left and Sam and i went to bed.

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