Sam Craske Love Story

Hey, my name is Sierra. I'm the girlfriend of Sam Craske from Diversity. I'm going to share my story on my life with Sam. Enjoy:)


4. Chapter 4

Sierra pov: 9:00 am

I was woken up to my phone ringing...I picked it up and saw Sam was calling me..he left for the studio early. 

*phone convo* 

Sierra: hello 

Sam: babe 

Sierra: yea 

Sam: um i left something on the dresser do you mind grabbing it and bringing it to me please

Sierra: um yea sure 

Sam: ok thanks *hangs up* 

I was so confused as to why he just hung up like that..maybe he was just in a rush... i get up and go to the dresser and see a note from Sam 


"Meeting you was something out of fate...go to the place where we had our first date" Love Sam 

I was so confused right now..what was going on..i decided to just do it and i got dressed and ready and went outside to find Warren standing there

Sierra: hey whats up 

Warren: helping Sam out with a little something ready 

Sierra: uh sure

Warren: hop in 

We get in the car and Warren drives off to the restaurant where Sam and i had our first date, when we arrived i got out and Warren drove off, i went inside and the manager came and gave me another note

*Note 2*

"This is the place i got to know the ins and outs of you. Go to the place where we both said I Love You" Love Sam

I left the restaurant and saw Ike waiting for me

Sierra: guess you're my ride

Ike: sure am..lets go

I get in and we drive to the London Eye. I got out and walked to the booth, the guy then hands me another note

*Note 3*

" This place is where we both said I love you officially...What i said was true and was all me..head off to the studio now to find me" Love Sam

I walk off and see Mitch standing there, by this time i was frustrated

Sierra: Mitch can you please tell me whats going on 

Mitch: wish i could but you'll find out soon come on 

I get in the car and we head off to the studio, i walk in and i don't see Sam, by this time i was so frustrated and angry i ran to Danny's office and started crying 

Danny: Sierra what's wrong 

Sierra: Danny i'm so angry with Sam

Danny: why *gets up* 

Sierra: he had me running around the freaking city making me confused and picking up letters from random people, he had the boys drive me everywhere and they won't tell me whats going on, then he tells me to find him here and he's not even here.*crying* 

Danny: ok sweetheart relax ok..maybe he's in the dance room did you check in there 

Sierra: no i don't even want to anymore i just wanna go home I don't even care anymore 

Danny: oh come on let's just check ok

I follow Danny into the Dance Room and of course the lights are off

Sierra: see this is some bull shit why is he doing this to me..he's not even here..i'm leaving

Danny: wait Sierra...look 

I turn and see the stair case light up with Candles 

Sierra: he's just playing with me Danny he knows i don't like that i'm going home 

I turn and walk out before she can say anything, when i heard my name be called and footsteps, i turn and see Sam dressed in a suit

Sam: what are you doing, why are you leaving

Sierra: Sam what are you had me running around the city looking for you and had the boys driving me everywhere without telling me anything, and now i come here and see this...what are you wearing you didn't even leave the house like that 

Sam: baby just come to the dance room so we can talk

Sierra: no tell me whats going on 

Sam: i will but i can't out here just please come in the room 

Sierra: no Sam tell me now or i'm leaving 

Sam: Sierra please i can't tell you out here 

Sierra: why not..what are you hiding from me that's so important i have to go in the dance room..are you cheating on me

Sam: *shocked* are you serious right know i will never do that to're really pissing me off now can you just come to the dance room 

Sierra: no tell me now 

Sam then grabs my arm and drags me to the dance room..the lights were still off and we were now standing in the middle of the room 

Sierra: why am i here 

Sam: *sighs* i can't believe after everything you said i'm still gonna do this 

Sierra: do what..Sam 

Sam: look at the mirror 


Sam: just look *turns her around* 

I look in the mirror and written in white font is Will You Marry Me? 

I then look and see Sam on one knee with the most beautiful ring

Sam: so will you? 

Sierra: Yes *smiles* 

he slides the ring on my finger and hugs me 

Sierra: i'm sorry i said all those things i didn't know you were doing all this

Sam: *kisses Sierra* its ok, but just know i will never ever cheat on it

Sierra: yea *smiles* 






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